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Dave Chappelle has actually come out victorious in a sue filed against him through a man who threw a banana peel at the comedian during one of his shows.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, a brand-new Mexico judge has actually ordered all claims against Chappelle be dismissed in the instance brought versus him by Christian Englander.

The male failed to situate Chappelle and also serve him with the legit docs due to the fact that he filed in march 2018 and, together a result, the entire instance was dismissed.

Last year, Englander sued Dave Chappelle and his bodyguard over an occurrence that went down at among his 2015 shows.

The suit asserted at the comedian’s performance in Santa Fe, Englander acquired into with Chappelle and also his bodyguard after ~ he acquired angry v something the comedian said throughout his act. Englander threw a banana peel in ~ Chapelle on stage and claimed Chappelle’s bodyguard struggle him twice in the challenge while he was being restrained by security.

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Englander cases the banana peel tossing was not racially motivated.

According to reports, Englander was facing charges the battery and also disturbing the peace following the incident but they were dropped as soon as Chappelle go not desire to get involved with the prosecution.

Englander sue seeking unspecified damages.

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