In a comedy unique on Netflix, comedian Dave Chappelle discusses racially charged incidents he’s live through, consisting of one in i m sorry a Santa Fe guy tossed a banana peel in ~ him in 2015 throughout a power at the Lensic Performing arts Center. Screenshot from Netflix

Christian Englander was detained after throwing a banana peel at comedian Dave Chappelle when he performed at the Lensic Performing Arts center three year ago. Currently he’s suing Chappelle, alleging that was assaulted by the comedian’s bodyguard. The new Mexican paper photo


Christian Englander poses v his parents’ dog prior to a court appearance on dues of disorderly conduct and battery after ~ tossing a banana peel at comedian Dave Chappelle during a Santa Fe performance. The charges were dropped after the comedian decreased to take part in the prosecution. The new Mexican document photo

Christian Englander, the male who threw a banana peel at Chappelle during what turned into a extremely publicized display at the Lensic Performing art Center an ext than 3 years ago, has filed a lawsuit against the funnyman and also his presumed bodyguard.

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Englander, 33, alleges the a male acting together Chappelle’s bodyguard win him double in the face “without provocation” when he was being limit by Lensic defense after the incident.

The alleged attack happened “under the clean direction that defendant Chappelle,” Englander wrote in the lawsuit, which that filed last week in state ar Court there is no an attorney.

“Defendant Chappelle had actually a duty to plaintiff come adequately and also properly hire, train, supervise and discipline his protection personnel and also other employees and agents come ensure that members of the general public were not based on assault, battery or too much use the force,” Englander wrote.

In the lawsuit, he claims he suffered miscellaneous damages as a result of the alleged assault, including unspecified non-legal expenses, physical and also emotional pain and also suffering, shed income and earning capacity and “loss that enjoyment the life.”

He is search punitive and also other damages from Chappelle “in such amount as may be found appropriate.”

The alleged assault, i m sorry hadn’t to be publicly report by Englander till he filed his suit, is the latest twist in the years-old occurrence that generated national and international headlines, as well as local discussions about race and also racism.

And Chappelle, recognized for incisive social commentary, kicked off his Netflix comedy specials last year through a story about what he dubbed “banana-gate.”

Englander, who is white, claimed he had actually no gyeongju motive in mind once he threw the banana peel in ~ Chappelle, who is black.

Englander, a self-described eccentric and jester, claimed he threw the banana peel ~ Chappelle made funny of his friend.

Efforts to with Chappelle for comment to be unsuccessful. The Gersh Agency, a booking company that to represent Chappelle, did no return messages seeking comment.

After the incident, then-Mayor javier Gonzales to express outrage about the way Englander cure Chappelle.

“I am appalled that anyone native Santa Fe, a location that has embraced diversity because that 400 years, would ever before treat a guest come our city this way,” the mayor wrote on his on facebook page. “The racism inherent in his actions is unacceptable. It doesn’t stand for who us are, and we’re committed to taking activity that mirrors our true values by prosecuting those responsible to the fullest degree of the law.”

Dianna Delling, a spokeswoman because that the Lensic, stated the alleged assault against Englander was news come her.

But Roderick Thompson, an attorney who represented Englander ~ Englander was charged through battery and disturbing the peace, claimed he intended to carry up the alleged attack at his client’s trial.

However, the instance never went the far. The ar Attorney’s Office reduce the charges against Englander due to the fact that Chappelle to be unwilling to take part in the prosecution, also though he originally said he want to push charges.

“My client did disclose that information to me in ~ the time,” Thompson recalled. “But over there was simply no opportunity to use that information during the criminal trial. I’m sure that he’s to be pretty open about it.”

A police report filed ~ the occurrence makes no mention of Englander reporting that he was the victim of an assault. Thompson stated he doesn’t uncover that as well surprising, speak city police gave Chappelle preferential treatment, including permitting Chappelle to “basically interrogate” Englander at the police station.

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“We understand that Mr. Chappelle is a huge celebrity, and I’m pretty sure that the city will certainly be happy to do everything it can to accommodate someone of that stature,” he said. “I understand from my very own practice the there are assorted occasions as soon as not 100 percent the what happened or what was said was put into the report.”

In 12 years of practicing criminal law, Thompson said, he’s never ever heard of anyone being enabled to confront the person who accused accosted castle while castle in police custody.

“The police claimed that the was something that they perform sometimes,” that said. “We have to all gain treated therefore well.”

Thompson stated he’s happy the charges versus his customer were dropped and that his document is clean, yet that he had hoped to walk to attempt “just so that everything possible could come out.”

“No one is over the law, even incredibly hilarious comedians favor Dave Chappelle … and his bodyguard,” that said. “Even if someone has done wrong, which is no something that I’m asserting, however even in the situation, civilization have rights and deserve no to be assaulted, specifically when gift restrained.”