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In this photo, “Man supplies a pistol to rob a Texas convenience store. Man was shot by every customer inside the store”


• This incident, caught by security cameras, taken place at a pharmacy in Brazil,not a convenience save in Texas.

• The people in the video clip who pulled weapons on the human who plan to rob the store were plainclothes army police officers.

• the is unsure how numerous officers fired their guns, however there is no concrete evidence it to be “every customer inside the store.”

In the wake up of deadly fixed shootings in the U.S., some old claims around guns and gun ownership room again circulating on social media. 

Among castle is a mischaracterization that what is presented in a real photo of 2017 defense camera footage. 

The low-resolution, black and also white image shows at least three individuals pointing firearms in the direction that a fourth person, that is on the ground.

"Man provides a total to rob a Texas convenience store," the on facebook photo inscription reads. "Man was shot by every customer within the store." 

The image is stack on optimal of a picture of two bald eagles that is captioned, "(Laughs in American)."

The problem? This didn’t happen in America. And also what walk transpire prior to the picture was bring away does no line up v what the Facebook write-up claims.

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The short article was flagged as part of Facebook’s initiatives to combat false news and also misinformation on its News Feed. (Read an ext about ours partnership v Facebook.)

A reverse picture search revealed that this video clip originated in Brazil in might 2017. And also this claim about the video clip featuring customers stopping an equipped robber has been fact-checked before.