Drone video showed a mrs leaning down to kiss the driver the a vehicle just seconds prior to she to walk around and also sat under in the passenger side.

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Published27 in march 2021

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In in march 2021, an online advertisement promised quite the story about a male using a drone to catch his cheating wife in a CVS parking lot. The advertisement read: “Husband Buys a Drone to watch if His wife is Cheating and Is Left Shocked when He sees What she Doing.”

The advertisement in inquiry was misleading, to say the least.

The story all started in November 2016 v a video. A YouTube user through the surname of YAOG post the video with the title: “Drone offered to catch cheating wife.”

As of early on 2021, it has been viewed practically 15 million times. The summary of the drone video said the he purportedly captured his wife cheating on him in ~ CVS:

Used mine drone to record my mam meeting a male at the local CVS. She had been getting referred to as in beforehand to work more often the past couple weeks, and also then I got a contact from someone informing me something to be going on.

I tried come follow she a couple times prior but both time she checked out work, so i’m not sure if she was acquiring tipped off or ns was simply unlucky. So ns took the drone up and that worked. Any kind of questions you have actually ask in the comments. Thanks.

The couple, purportedly called John and Donna, walk not disclose a last surname to the public.

While the video clip may have convinced some viewers that its authenticity, others were skeptical. John, the husband, at first insisted the the video was real.

However, in October 2018, virtually two year later, castle admitted that was all a hoax:

Some readers could be doubtful that the cheating did occur, and the pair was possibly trying to save face about the possibility of infidelity in their marriage.

However, john also listed drone video evidence that his wife did no cheat on that in a CVS parking lot:

John revealed the he to be driving the car in the CVS parking lot, maybe while flying the drone native the driver’s seat.

As of beforehand 2021, both of the “it to be a hoax” videos racked up a full of end 100,000 views. Again, the original viral video clip had to be viewed practically 15 million times.

In sum, a guy did not usage a drone to record his wife cheating ~ above him at CVS. Virtually two years after the viral video clip was posted, the couple provided proof that proved it was every fake.

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