Convicted politician R. Budd Dwyer"s televised suicide haunts united state not due to the fact that he to be guilty that his crimes, but due to the fact that he was innocent.

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YouTube/EightyFourFilmsR. Budd Dwyer top top the campaign trail.

In 2010, Honest Man: The Life the R. Budd Dwyer, a feature documentary around R. Budd Dwyer’s life and also the tragedy of his suicide, premiered at the Carmel Art and Film Festival in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, with the Dwyer family members in attendance.

In the documentary, william T. Smith, a former chairman of the Dauphin ar Republican Committee and also one the the vital trial witnesses in Dwyer’s conviction, admits that he lie under oath in ~ his very own trial around never supplying Dwyer a bribe in really hopes of to reduce his very own sentence and also to spare his mam from gift prosecuted for her duty in the conspiracy.

He to express his remorse for lying and the duty it play in R. Budd Dwyer’s publicly suicide.

Although these revelations suggest that Dwyer may not have acquired justice, he did at least secure his family’s future.

Since Dwyer passed away while quiet in office, his widow, Joanne, was able to collect full survivor benefits the totaled much more than $1.28 million. Plenty of close to Dwyer feel the he may have actually committed suicide to keep the state-provided pension because that his family, whose finances had actually been destroyed by legal defense costs.

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But Pennsylvania’s finances stayed murky even after R. Budd Dwyer’s suicide.

According come Frederick Cusick, the reporter and friend that watched R. Budd Dwyer kill himself, not lot in Harrisburg adjusted in the aftermath of the suicide. That told one editor not long after the incident, “You have the right to see the fin breaking the water. You view the feeding frenzies when it concerns payoffs and bribes.”

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