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A former Navy SEAL who shot Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden called Fox News on Friday the he can rescue americans from Kabul with "nine guys" between the Taliban takeover of the country.

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Robert O"Neill questioned the case in Afghanistan ~ above Primetime with Will Cain and suggested that many U.S. Admirals and generals should have resigned or to be fired over recent occasions in the country.

O"Neill was a member that SEAL Team Six, which took on the raid that eliminated bin Laden in 2011 in Abbottabad, Pakistan. He later asserted to have yielded the fatal blow to bin Laden himself, though this case has proven controversial and has been discussed by one more Navy SEAL that was involved.

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O"Neill called Cain: "I"m a big believer in the acronym KISS: keep it simple, stupid. And I was talk to an additional SEAL Team six operator v whom I"ve offered for 20 years. I"m simply gonna contact him Tiny."

"And tiny told me the response: "Here"s just how you obtain the americans out. Small smash through hammer. And that"s it,"" the said.

He walk on to define how he would certainly go around rescuing americans who are still in Kabul.

"Look, ns don"t desire to it is in in charge, but if i was - oh I desire to get the Americans? Cool. Provide me ripe guys. I"m gonna walk with the streets and I"m gonna kill everyone i see, and I"m gonna take the Americans. It is not difficult," O"Neill said.

"But we have these people who are in fee that are a disgrace. I am amazed that there hasn"t been at least 30 generals and admirals the haven"t resigned or to be fired today.

"But we won"t due to the fact that we have a commander-in-chief the was placed there through every little thing happened at four in the morning on choice night. This is nonsense. It"s insulting," the said.

That shows up to it is in a recommendation to unfounded cases of irregularities in the 2020 presidential election.

"Everyone veteran, Marine, airman and navy SEAL ... Coastguards ... Anyone I"ve talked to today, all they call me is they feel gross," O"Neill walk on.

"And that"s exactly how you should feel. You must feel gross. We don"t ask the Taliban permission. You understand what us do? we kick their ass, that"s it," that said.

O"Neill"s claim to have killed bin Laden has been the subject of debate due to marine SEALs" password of silence that stays clear of them from publicly acquisition credit for your actions.

SEAL Team six member Matt Bissonnette declared in his book No straightforward Day that O"Neill did not supply the deadly shot. The U.S. Federal government has never evidenced which individual killed bin Laden. A 2017 report native The Intercept claimed the O"Neill go shoot bin Laden but the Al-Qaeda leader may currently have to be dead.

President Joe Biden claimed on Friday that the U.S. Federal government will evacuate Americans staying in Afghanistan and also U.S. Afghan allies who might now be in danger from the Taliban.

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"We will get you home," the chairman said.


Robert O"Neill speaks onstage during publication signing and lecture at Richard Nixon Library top top July 26, 2017 in Yorba Linda, California. O"Neill stated on Friday that he might evacuate americans from Afghanistan with "nine guys."Phillip Faraone/Getty Images