The Tennessee lawyer General's Office opened up an investigation for alleged illegal price gouging.

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Two brothers who went viral because that hoarding 17,700 party of hand sanitizer said they would donate the vital supplies ~ the Tennessee attorney General"s Office opened up a price gouging investigation.

Matt Colvin became a viral villain after he was featured in a brand-new York Times short article titled, "He has actually 17,700 party of Hand Sanitizer and Nowhere to offer Them." with stores around the nation sold out of vital COVID-19 supplies, a photo of Colvin standing in former of shelves of hand sanitizer in his storage unit sparked outrage.

Matt Colvin with his share of hand sanitizer and also other supplies in need due come coronavirus involves that he was marketing online till Amazon and also other sites started cracking under on price gouging, in ~ his residence in Hixson, Tenn., march 12, 2020.Doug Stickland / The brand-new York time via Redux

In the story, Colvin explained how his brother, noah Colvin, went on a 1,300 mile trip around Tennessee and Kentucky, buying the staying supply the hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes. Meanwhile, that stayed house in Hixson, Tennessee, and noted the products on Amazon for between $8 and $70.

While Colvin claimed it to be "crazy money," it stopped after Amazon cracked down on coronavirus-related price gouging, leaving him v a stockpile of critical supplies the many world desperately need during the outbreak.

"There is a special ar in hell because that hoarders of toilet file and hand sanitizer or price gouging during this nationwide emergency," composed one Twitter user.

There is a special place in hell because that hoarders the toilet paper and hand sanitizer or price gouging during this nationwide emergy.

— David Smock (

Another stated Colvin deserved a clues on the "Most hated americans list." others were much less diplomatic and also called the brother just around every expletive in the book.

They also pointed out the irony of among Colvin"s quotes. "If I can make a slim profit, that’s fine,” he told the newspaper. “But I’m no looking to it is in in a case where i make the front web page of the news because that being that guy who hoarded 20,000 bottles of sanitizer the I’m offering for 20 time what they cost me."

Colvin to update his e-commerce website this weekend with a explain confirming the commodities will be donated. "The Hand Sanitizer in the NYT story is being donated come a local church and first responders tomorrow," the said.

On Sunday, a reporter because that NBC News affiliate WRCB mutual a video clip of the attorney general"s staff delivering boxes the end of the storage unit and also loading increase a U-Haul truck.

HAPPENING NOW: Matt did no answer ours calls for this reason we visited his warehouse unit. The AG’s office was on the step facilitating v the donation. This is the 3rd stop they’ve been to this morning to conference the sanitizer.

“We will not pardon price gouging in this time of superior need, and we will take aggressive activity to avoid it,” Tennessee attorney basic Herbert Slattery III claimed in a statement. “During this pandemic, us ask that you report suspicious task to the department of customer Affairs and also refrain from threatening or hostile interaction with people or companies you might suspect are price gouging. Our team will review complaints closely and also we are prepared to plot to protect Tennesseans."

Price gouging restricted supplies during a state the emergency is illegal. Civilization can report price gouging to their state lawyer general"s offices.

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