Lane Pittman, that has built a brand off doing dumb shit favor walk right into dangerous hurricanes rather of seek shelter, drove come Myrtle Beach, south Carolina to fight Hurricane Florence.

As everyone else in the storm"s course evacuated, Pittman -- who began referring come himself together Florida male -- marched right into the street barefoot. With up come 50 mile every hour winds whipping his hair and also American flag, Pittman wore nothing yet a pair of shining blue shorts.

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Embracing the spirit of the United says itself, Pittman to be extraordinarily stupid because that the services of looking an excellent with a flag.

He topped off the video clip with Slayer"s "Raining Blood."

It"s sort of glorious, but mostly idiotic.

Pittman pulled the same stunt throughout Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and Hurricane Irma last year.

Although he could have to be perfectly safe and sound in his hometown the Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Pittman determined to drive up to southern Carolina to face off through the hurricane. He started a GoFundMe that elevated $380 in a day to cover the expense of gas and coffee.


Florida Man combated Hurricane Florence with the assist of some good old fashioned crowd funding.Credit: screenshot via gofundme

"MERICA BABY!!!" he wrote in the GoFundMe. "We rod together."

He even ended up in a regional news segment when he gained a flat tire.

A Fox business reporter spanning the storm referred to him as "being stunner in the street." together she provided her live report that Florence"s destruction, Pittman hung out in the background, tho shirtless.

"We were intrigued by the gentleman through no shirts in the background," the host laughed, prior to the reporter motioned Pittman over because that an interview.

"So right now, you"re naked," she asked him. "The audience wants to know ... What is in her head come be exterior in this weather ideal now, not wearing any type of clothes?"

"Just being cost-free and American, man," Pittman shrugged.

When inquiry if that was just trying to obtain famous, he denied it.

Then he name dropped himself: "Look, I"ve currently been viral. Look increase hurricane headbanger."

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