(Brandon McCormick after ~ he was beaten because that pointing a bow and arrow during the protest. Credit: Laura Seitz, KSL file)
(Brandon McCormick ~ he was beaten for pointing a bow and arrow throughout the protest. Credit: Laura Seitz, KSL file)
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SALT LAKE CITY – The guy who ended up being known as “the bow and arrow man” throughout the violent protests in downtown Salt Lake City learn his fate. He’s sentenced to a year in the Salt Lake county Jail ~ pleading guilty to possessing a attention weapon and also aggravated assault.

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Brandon McCormick, 58, was caught on video raising his bow at world near the Downtown Salt Lake City Library on might 30. He never ever fired in ~ anyone, however a swarm of people surrounded him, beat that and collection his auto on fire. Investigators say they recovered a crossbow from the ashes that his car.

Prosecutor Alex Stoedter stated McCormick made the insurance claim that he went downtown to safeguard the city and to talk v protestors. However, he claimed McCormick’s plot don’t earlier that claim.

“He made that decision come go more into the crowd and also potentially damage other individuals,” that said.

According to Stoedter, McCormick made a series of poor decisions, not simply one. He claimed McCormick brought multiple weapons to a violent protest, and even after ~ he to be confronted, McCormick determined to change the ladder things.

“He pulled out a large knife. He threatened to stab people. He continuously yelled the ‘n’ word,” Stoedter said. “I don’t know why the thinks it is ‘being a good spokesperson,’ but it’s plainly not.”

During the sentencing, McCormick told the referee he doesn’t remember pointing the bow and also arrow at anyone, claiming he had currently been struck by then and also blacked out. He likewise claimed he was under the false impression the was allowed to have actually that weapon, and also that he wouldn’t have had it if he knew otherwise.

McCormick said, “I had it for over a year because I had actually never offered it, however I didn’t know I couldn’t have it.”

He likewise addressed the racist comments he made throughout the protest and admits he supplied to be a racialism person. He claims he wasn’t racist until he visited prison in California.

“I was forced to it is in racist because the California device is incredibly racist, however I walked far from the life,” that said.

McCormick said the judge he had actually been working on his past behavior and trying to regulate his anger. However, he likewise claimed he fell earlier into hefty alcohol use, and also that the human he is do the efforts to end up being isn’t really the person seen ~ above the news.

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He said, “I don’t have many years left. Ns don’t desire to invest the last years in prison. I want to proceed doing what ns was doing and of course my parental would favor to view me clean my life up.”

Prosecutors say a road-rage occurrence in Taylorsville including McCormick was also racially motivated, together he to be heard utilizing racial slurs.