They build motorcycles. Lock drink beer. And they love ‘My small Pony.’ And—would girlfriend believe—there’s no anything wrong v that.

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That’s the crux that A Brony Tale, a documentary the takes you within the unusual and also unexpected community of grown guys who live and also breathe whatever related to Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and also the remainder of the pastel-colored animated steed friends. For the uninitiated, My small Pony is a toy and merchandise companies that very first became popular in the ’80s, yet experienced renewal in 2010 as soon as the animated series My tiny Pony: Friendship Is Magic popularized the franchise because that a brand-new generation of small girls. And also, apparently, adult men.

These adult men speak to themselves Bronies. And also they’re not what friend think.

They’re no overly effeminate. Plenty of aren’t gay. They aren’t predatory, or even being ironic. Lock are simply guys. Dudes. Dudes who like My little Pony.

Just take it indigenous “Dustykatt,” the pseudonym for the an initial brony we meet in A Brony Tale, and the self-described “manliest” brony in the world. “I can construct a tradition motorcycle native scratch, deserve to weld, and worked together a lube guy at a GM dealership,” Dustykatt says. “And on top of that, i watch a present for tiny girls.”

And he’s no alone. Over there is an entire online ar of Bronies that has actually blossomed out of the message boards and also fan sites and into the actual world. The BronyCon convention planned because that August already has 10,000 shown attendees.

There are countless misconceptions around the Brony neighborhood that A Brony phone call sets out to dispel, and among them is exactly how the community started, and how they gained their name. Surprisingly, and versus what most think, “Brony” isn’t a mix of “bro” and “pony.” The name actually originates from where the motion began, top top the web community 4chan.

Back in October 2010, near when My little Pony: Friendship Is Magic premiered, a couple of people, most likely guys who stumbled top top the show or were required to clock it through a daughter or a niece, post on the 4chan boards that the present was actually rather good. They ended up being a micro-community, discussing and also praising the show. Soon, others came throughout the group and decided to inspect out the show to see if it was as an excellent as they said it was. Then they began posting around it, too. For this reason the surname actually originates from where the neighborhood started, top top the “b” 4chan blog post boards. Bronies.

“What we realized as soon as filming this is that Bronies isn’t about guys liking a girl’s show—it’s about the neighborhood they’ve created,” Brent Hodge, the movie housing behind A Brony Tale, tells The everyday Beast. “That’s a huge line for the Bronies: ‘We come for the show however stayed because that the community.’”

But “coming for the show” is the interesting thing here, and the point that most human being are having actually a tough time wrapping their brain around. Also Ashleigh Ball, that voices the characters of Applejack and also Rainbow Dash on the My tiny Pony series, agrees: “The pervert alarm definitely went off in mine head as soon as I an initial about it,” she states in the documentary. In the film, sphere serves as our entryway into the Brony community—the rational, cynical voice who requirements to be convinced that these males aren’t creepy wackos, the they come indigenous a pure, fun ar that provides their activity worth embracing.

“It was weird,” ball tells The daily Beast, recounting once she very first heard around the Bronies. “Because it wasn’t the intentionally of the series. The wasn’t because that adult men. It to be for little girls. Yet everyone involved in the series, native Hasbro come the studio, everyone, has actually really learned to embrace it.” Ball currently regularly attends BronyCon conventions. And also she loves she Bronies.

There’s undeniably a barrier to obtain through prior to one deserve to accept the Bronies, and it probably has actually a many to perform with the earnestness v which they fawn end My small Pony. They room truly fans. Like, large fans. Castle think the the biggest thing, and they think that authentically. Together a culture, we’re perfect accepting that fandoms the embarrassing, slight, or stunner things, specifically when lock go versus others’ consciousness of what you might like. Room you a physics professor who loves real Housewives? just how fun! however only as lengthy as you contact that fandom a “guilty pleasure.”

The Bronies, however, aren’t guilty around it. Oh my, they space so not guilty about it.

Hearing lock rave about the high quality of the My little Pony series, you’d think they to be talking around Citizen Kane. “Every character doesn’t have the answer,” Dustykatt says. “They have actually to find the answer. They have to learn from their mistakes. That’s what paint, etc me come My small Pony. You have a character-driven story, where characters have to learn from their mistakes and grow.”

Online, these guys dissect plot points and also bits of dialogues for meaning with the same rigor and also enthusiasm as human being do through episodes of Mad guys or game of Thrones. They produce their own initial songs around the series, and animated videos in homage to it that are an ext sophisticated 보다 the display itself. Your wardrobes are decked the end in Pony merchandise. Rainbow Dash tattoos aren’t rare, either. (Once a male asked sphere to authorize his earlier and then had actually her signature immediately tattooed.)

Then yes sir the testimonials she hears all the time as soon as fans reach the end to her. “It’s really weird to hear them speak about, like, episode 4, Season 3 once Rainbow Dash gets sonic rain boom, and they’re like, ‘After watching that ns was maybe to present emotions again!’” she remembers. “You’re like…‘What? You take it that much from it?’”

That yes a stigma about Bronies is miscellaneous the ar itself is certainly mindful of. One Brony, called Steven, even talks around it in the documentary, relenten what the like once he walk shopping because that My little Pony merchandise because that his collection at kids’ toy stores.

“Just me stand in the aisle to begin with, there might be a mother and also her daughter, looking under this aisle and see one older guy looking through pony toys,” he states in the film. “It’s programmed in your mind to jump to the worst-case scenario, which could be, you know, ‘Oh, he’s a pedophile or he’s a huge old man child or something is wrong with him.’”

But, overwhelmingly, Bronies are harmless. Friendly, even, and also certainly welcoming.

When she a filmmaker, a journalist, or anyone asking for someone’s priceless time, you’re usually lucky to acquire 15 or 20 minutes from many people. But, as we’ve learned, bronies are not like most people.

“These males picked me up at the airport, took me to their favorite restaurants, and then they wanted to it is in friends!” says Hodge. “That’s what these men stand for. ‘Friendship is magic.’” Ha! that’s nice in theory, yet there was yes, really nothing strange or unusual about the interactions? “They just want to it is in friends,” Hodge says. “It take it me a while understand, ‘What’s the record here?’ yet they just took me under your wings. Under your Pegasus wings.”

So why the misconception around what the Bronies are, and also what they stand for? Hodge traveled the country, hanging out through dozens and also dozens that Bronies. His best guess: stereotypes. “Growing up, you’d acquire a Happy Meal and also the guys acquire the vehicle toys and also the girls obtain My small Pony,” that says. “With A Brony Tale, we’re do the efforts to present that the time to break that stereotype apart and also mix it increase again.”

Dustykatt, in ~ the really least, would be an ext than happy through that. No that he care what you think.

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“I love My small Pony. Ns love what it does. I love the post it sends,” he states in A Brony Tale. “And I want to be a part of it and also I desire to be able to play in that universe. We’re claimed to chug beer, journey motorcycles, it is in degrading to women, and like explosions. It is what’s ingrained in our brains from the minute you born and put in a crib. Well, I prefer what i like. Ns don’t need culture to call me what i like. And also that’s all there is to it.” climate Dustykatt, the manliest Brony in the world, drink a beer.