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any type of men on this board that dye your hair black color or brown? (inherit, fighting)
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I am 58 and also feel prefer an old guy when my hair is grey. The is totally brown top top top and grey ~ above the sides. Look at funny due to the fact that one side is yes, really grey and the various other side mainly brown.SO... I acquired some just FOR males at the store and also dyed my hair dark brown. I need to say other than the first pair days, that looks really great and natural.Any other men on this plank in your 50s or 60s dye their hair to try to look younger?How around skin treatments or plastic surgery? Just due to the fact that we space retired or semi retired (me) does not typical we need to look old!
You should try to look at healthy. If you shot to look younger you will look foolish. I have never viewed dyed hair on a male look natural.
I do the efforts it for a short while a few years ago. Ns still have actually natural lowlights in back that are an extremely dark; i turned grey "upside down" from what is typical. With anything yet a enhance or gray, the lowlights looked yes, really odd so i went through the dark brown. Very first week or 2 it looked favor a repaint brush, then it started to watch a little more natural and also then the grew enough that there was silver- peeking out almost everywhere the place. I gave that up and tried Grecian Formula. The works and also looks an ext natural yet made it feeling oily. The odd thing is that people told me in confidence the it was fooling virtually no one and also actually make them think that me as older. Several guys go gray as early as their 30s; fighting it makes it apparent it is indigenous aging. I gave it up.
Same here used come dye yet no longer. Ns wish mine mustache would go gray currently like mine beard. Mine head is completely gray currently (more salt then pepper).
Don"t try to hide it. Like the other poster said, stupid no one. Men with gray hair don"t look poor at all.
Actually many people who were told ns used simply FOR men were shocked how herbal it looks ~ the first few days. (For a couple days that looks odd). If ns were every grey possibly I would simply accept it, but grey here and brown there, looks funny.
I would love to have actually gray hair (especially if it to be salt and pepper). Every one of the males in my family finished up having actually gray/white hair...except because that me. I have this kind of pukey-brown hair and I dislike it. I think ns inherited that from my mom. Too many of world think i dye mine hair. I tell them no, yet I"m considering dice it gray. That usually leaves lock speechless.
I think most men go too dark...if you go light and also don"t leave on so lengthy then the gray deserve to look an ext like highlights and also give a little variation and depth come the color. Friend don"t want it come look favor you just dipped her head in paint! and also do it end the weekend so every little thing "excess" can be washed the end a couple times prior to heading to work. One critical tip, time it through a haircut so if human being say something watch "different" simply say you acquired a haircut and people will go....yeah.....

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An exciting aside come my earlier post. I have actually had human being ask me around my lowlights, assuming that it isn"t natural because of the sample (a dark strip on the earlier of my neck the is really even). Favor gbpakfan, I have wondered if that wouldn"t look much better gray. But I am unlikely to perform anything around it as I think that is shrinking.
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