The terms “Heterochromia iridum” and “Heterochromia iridis” are often used interchangeably to refer to a condition defined by two different colored eyes. Yet often again, both terms are identified by nitpickers.

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Heterochromia iridis is once one or much more regions that the very same iris room pigmented differently from the remainder of the iris. The iris is a circular framework inside your eyeball that displays your eye color.

Heterochromia iridum is when both eye have various colors <1>; the is for people with two different colored eyes.

How around a little bit of Greek?

The indigenous “Heterochromia” literally way “difference in color or pigmentation.” the word is likewise used to refer to a pigmentation difference in the skin and also hair. Heterochromia in the skin and also hair space less common than that of the eye. Because that simplicity, heterochromia of the eyes will merely be described hereafter together heterochromia.

Heteros = different

Chromia = shade or pigmentation

Iridis = pertains to one iris / Iridum = concerns both irises

Types that Heterochromia

There are three main varieties namely;

Complete heterochromiaCentral heterochromiaSectoral heterochromia

Complete Heterochromia

This is the type of heterochromia where one eye has a different color from the other. The is additionally referred to as Heterochromia iridum. Complete heterochromia reminds me of Amy, a personality in the movie X-men first Class. Professor X described her eye condition as a very “groovy” mutation.


Alice night is a renowned actress with finish heterochromia. Her best eye is green, and her left eye is blue. She is ideal known for she featured duties in numerous movies consisting of the 2013 Star Trek into Darkness.


Alice night has complete heterochromia

G. Geronimo, Wikimedia commons

Alice eve Talks about Her Eyes

Cats have It Too


K. Kissel, Wikimedia commons

Central Heterochromia

Does Angelina Jolie have main heterochromia? probably that is what gives her together a penetrating gaze. This form of heterochromia is characterized by a ring about the pupil with a different pigmentation native the rest of the iris. The ring is usually located at the centre of the iris closest to the pupil.


It is sometimes very easy come confuse central heterochromia through the hazel eye color. There is a huge variety of hazel eyes, castle generally present a continuous shift in color from brown to green as you relocate outwards from the pupil. The boundary in between two colour is an ext distinct in heterochromia.

Sectoral Heterochromia

Sectoral heterochromia, also known as Partial heterochromia, is the type where one section (or more portions) that the iris has a different color from the rest of the iris.


Sectoral heterochromia

Tazztone, Wikimedia commons

Another well known person with heterochromia is Elizabeth Berkley. She to be born with Sectoral heterochromia in her right eye; there is a brown section in the lower component of her ideal iris.

Elizabeth Berkley & Greg Lauren

V. Roberts, Wikimedia commons

Causes of Heterochromia

Heterochromia of the eye happens since of a disturbance in the distribution of pigment in the iris. Either one eye has more pigment 보다 the other or parts of the same iris space pigmented in different way from the rest of the iris.

Pigments are prefer ingredients for eye shade while the concentration of every pigment is like the recipe.

— the Author

Most instances of heterochromia are benign. Lock are often not attach by visual complaints or health and wellness abnormalities. The causes of heterochromia of the eye have the right to be classified one of two people as hereditary or acquired. As soon as it is acquired, it have the right to be from a disease or indigenous an injury.

Congenital heterochromia (Genetic)Acquired heterochromiaInjuryDiseaseMedication

Congenital Heterochromia

Most human being with heterochromia inherited the from a parent, this is dubbed congenital heterochromia. The gene because that heterochromia is autosomal dominant. This way that if a parent has it, over there is a an excellent chance it will be passed down v generations.

Some congenital heterochromia is because of syndromes such together Waardenburg syndrome. This are hereditary disorders the disrupt the even circulation of colours which then affects eye color.

Scientists are only start to scrape the surface ar of just how eye shade is inherited. There room times when mother Nature mixes things up in weird and also wonderful ways. Main and Sectoral heterochromia have the right to either affect one or both eyes. The is also possible for one human being to express much more than one kind of heterochromia.

I when met a girl who has both main and finish heterochromia. Her right eye is green and her left eye is blue. Neighboring the pupil of her eco-friendly eye is a copper colored ring.

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Acquired Heterochromia

This type can be acquired from injury, disease or as a side-effect of particular medications.