They might be competing against each other for The Voice"s season 19title, however Blake Sheltonand Gwen Stefani can"t assist but save singing love songs to each other!

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The pair took the stageon Monday"s live finale -- after obtaining some musical marital relationship advice from Team Blake"s Jim Ranger --to execute a distinct duet the their second No. 1 nation hit, "Happy Anywhere," their an initial performance together because announcingtheir engagementin October after five years that dating.

"This week...we’re competitors 😈 can’t think we’re currently at the finale week of#TheVoice!" Gwen mutual on Instagram front of the an initial night that the finale."It’s#TeamGwenfor me, sorry

The Voicehas such a large part inBlake and Gwen"slove story, it renders sense they"d want Blake"s bestVoicefrenemyto perform at your wedding.On Thursday"sLate Night v Seth Meyers, 44-year-old Blake opened up about who he"d like to see carry out on his huge day.

"I"ve kind of made decision that I"ve been doing this a lengthy time now and also I"ve got a lot of favors the end there," Shelton explained. "He may not prefer it, butAdam Levine"s gonna have to gain the band together and also come and play our wedding."

ReferencingMaroon 5"s "Sugar" music video,Shelton continued,"I"ve already seen a music video where they crash people"s weddings and also he owes me a lot of for simply putting up with him end the years. So i think we can gain Adam to come be our wedding band."

See more about the couple"s upcoming nuptials in the video below!

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