THE Voice coach Blake Shelton went turn off on a major tangent during Monday's episode and started joking around his fiancee Gwen Stefani being pregnant with twins.

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The 44-year-old got brought away while trying to success over reggae artist Pia Renee, telling the contestant that Gwen is one "expert" in the genre and also going on to share just exactly how close he and also his fiancee are.


Blake Shelton joked that his fiancee Gwen Stefani is pregnant v twinsCredit: 2020 NBCUniversal Media, LLC

The Voice coach do the efforts to describe to a contestant just just how close the is come his reggae 'expert' fiancee GwenCredit: Getty - Contributor

During the many recent illustration of The Voice, Blake and also John Legend turned your chairs because that Pia.

After John, 42, take it his turn to persuade Pia to sign up with his team, Blake fired back by stating the his fiancée knows a thing or two about the genre.

The country singer said Pia: "To say that i don't understand anything around the music that she's performing would sort of disqualify the reality that, who knows, also by the time this airs, Gwen Stefani, she might even be my wife."

Blake then joked: "She's also delivering twins best now. She's advertise them out, but I'm here working."


The judge asserted Gwen is skilled in the reggae genre and that she can be his mam by the time the illustration airedCredit: Getty photos - Getty

Gwen has three youngsters from she previous marital relationship to Gavin Rossdale, yet Blake joked make the efforts so hard to get the reggae artist top top his team the he joked his "expert" fiancee will soon be even more than that.

He tried to gain the contestant to choose him by speak Gwen would quickly be his wife and also could possibly even be the mommy of his children soon.

After the seemingly-strange tangent, John said he didn't know Blake's pitch, and also the nation singer explained: "I'm talking about Gwen Stefani and her stamp on reggae ska music and also how lot I've grown to love it."

Blake's comments likewise grabbed fans' attention for the not correct reasons, as many slammed him because that claiming Gwen is an experienced in reggae.

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Despite Blake's ideal efforts, Pia chose to join John's team.


Blake was also slammed by pan after Monday's episode of The Voice since of some of his commentsCredit: NBC

A number of viewers required to Twitter to slam the longtime coach, together one human wrote: "Blake, ns love you, however please don't phone call a black color reggae artist that Gwen Stefani could be her duty model this season top top #TheVoice."

A 2nd fan chimed in: "Blake do the efforts ... Yet you recognize ... He can not execute it!!"

While one viewer asked Blake come "admit you were in over your head," one more wrote: "Sorry Blake she to be a bit out of her lane... However love you."

A following fan told man it was "great" to watch him choose Pia, adding: "So funny seeing Blake lose."


Last week, John and also Kelly Clarkson slammed Blake once he accused the various other judges the "going Hollywood."

While do the efforts to guide contestant Aaron Konzelman to sign up with his team, Blake argued: "I am the just coach that doesn't live in Hollywood. Ns don't ever before want to shed sight of my roots."