Gwen Stefani and country star Blake Shelton were among the organize of famous encounters who took part in big-budget TV commercials throughout the Super key last night.

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In the T-mobile advert, Stefani supplies a not-so-serious look at how she very first became romantically connected with Shelton – after the pair announced their engagement last year.

The clip watch Stefani top top a video call with other The Voice judge Adam Levine, explaining the she’s ready to get earlier into dating.

“I’m sick of L.A. Guys; I desire someone totally different,” she says. “Maybe someone from one more country, and someone cultured, sensitive, and who is not endangered by a strong, confident woman.”

But Levine’s unreliable cell-phone network method that the hears something else entirely, i beg your pardon serendipitously leads to her connection with Shelton.

“I’m noble of L.A. Guys, I desire someone completely … country,” Levine hears she say, together his business cuts out. Uncultured … and also threatened through a strong confident woman.”

Shelton immediately walks right into the advert, singing about his love the hotwings and nachos; “I have your guy,” Levine says.

Both Shelton and also Stefani then accomplish for a dinner date, i beg your pardon highlights the social differences in between the pair.

“Did friend ride a equine here?” Stefani asks. “Yeah,” the responds.

T-Mobile then provides the snappy ethical of the story — “don’t trust your love life to any type of network.”

It followed comparable efforts from Drake, that took part in a commercial because that insurance for sure State for sure and Bruce Springsteen, who appeared in his first ever commercial for Jeep’s brand-new Super bowl ad.

Springsteen’s advert, i m sorry is soundtracked through an ambient score developed by Springsteen and also his producer plunder Aniello, tackles the theme of a require for unity, comparable to that which Joe Biden preached in his inauguration speech when coming to be US president last month.

“Fear has never been the ideal of who we are,” Springsteen states in the advert, which is created at a chapel that, in a symbolic move, insurance claims to it is in in the really centre that the unified States. The refers is called ‘The Middle’.

Elsewhere top top Super bowl weekend, Eric Church and also Jazmine Sullivan opened up the festivities through a power of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’, before H.E.R. shared a power of ‘America The Beautiful’. Then, The Weeknd played the hits because that the desire halftime show.

Outside the stadium, Metallica carry out ‘Enter Sandman’ top top a one-of-a-kind edition of The Late show With Stephen Colbert, while Miley Cyrus joined pressures with Billy Idol and Joan Jett for a tailgate power for medical care workers outside the Raymond James Stadium.

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