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The Voice judging panel is getting an additional shake-up together No Doubt frontwoman (and fiancée of other Voice referee Blake Shelton) Gwen Stefani is leaving the display again because that Season 20. Taking her ar will be Nick Jonas, who also took the "Hollaback Girl" singer"s location the last time she left the NBC show.

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This was revealed in a heavily-produced video on the Jonas Brother"s Instagram account where fellow judges Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend were speculating about who would be the new judge, only for lock to discover Jonas meditating in order to "live and breathe" the competition.

Gwen Stefani has actually so much not talked publicly about why she is leaving the display again. In spite of having been a referee on the present for 5 seasons, she has actually never remained on the judging dashboard for two consecutive years, therefore it may be the she just likes to alternative her time act the show and also doing various other projects prefer recording Christmas albums.

The critical time Stefani let go a season the the present earlier this year, it was due to the fact that the singer remained in the midst of a ras Vegas residency once the auditions for the display were taking place, an interpretation she to be unable to perform both. This suggests the singer may be planning more touring in 2021, or simply wants come spend much more time with her 3 children.


Gwen Stefani will certainly not it is in a judge on "The Voice" Season 20.NBCThere is likewise the inquiry of a wedding to it is in arranged. In October, other judge Blake Shelton proposed come the singer, whom he has actually been dating for the past five years.

They have actually not shown when this wedding will certainly take place, yet an unnamed resource told Us Weekly: "COVID-19 has turned their human being upside down, as it has with so numerous families. Gwen knows she is blessed and wants to have actually the wedding as shortly as social distancing guidelines room lifted...Gwen didn"t wait this lengthy to acquire married just to have actually her household watch top top Zoom."

Shelton, however, will stay as a referee on The Voice, wherein he is the only judge who has functioned on every single season of the NBC show.

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Though Stefani will certainly not be returning for Season 20, collection to air at some suggest in 2021, she will continue to be as a judge for the remainder of the current season.

In the video announcing Jonas" return to The Voice, the actor said: "I"ve been living and also breathing The Voice because season 18, I"ve honed my skills, "Channel your inner champion. Make Blake cry." little do these coaches know, I"ve grown more powerful by the day. The newbie has now become the master."