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Music superstar and sometimes coach ~ above The Voice, Gwen Stefani, will certainly not show up on the show’s 20th season in 2021. Stefani has appeared on multiple periods of the show, however she has actually never coached in two consecutive seasons.

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On November 17, 2020, The Voiceannounced that Nick Jonas would be return to the show for season 20, acquisition Stefani’s spot once again.At the time of writing, Stefani hasn’t stated why she decided to leaveThe Voice,but there room a few possibilities.

While Stefani has actually not opened up about why she’s leaving the show, it’s possible she just stepped up to carry out season 19 throughout the COVID-19 pandemic due to the fact that it was simple for her and her future husband to it is in on collection together without taking too many precautions.

Stefani Left ‘The Voice’ front of Season 20

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When Stefani announced she would certainly be leavingThe Voiceonce again, she didn’t give a details reason for the exit. Season 20 was filming in ~ the very same time as season 19 was wrapping up, and also it’s possible Stefani was simply too busy functioning on her brand-new album to take it on that kind of commitment.

Stefani has actually never stayed onThe Voicefor 2 consecutive seasons, so the shouldn’t strike viewers as odd the she’ll be absent once again, especially when it concerns the reality that she may have been working on brand-new music while additionally filming season 19 the the show.

The critical time Stefani was lacking from the show, that was since she remained in the center of a residency in las Vegas and was unable to attend tapings. So, if she may not be returning to TV viaThe Voice,it’s most likely Stefani will certainly be busy through plenty of projects as well as planning her wedding come coach Blake Shelton.

Stefani & Shelton Are likewise Wedding Planning

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The pair does not have a wedding date collection in stone, yet it’s likely they’re tho planning for your upcoming nuptials.

Stefani previously opened up in an interview v Ryan SeacrestonOn Air v Ryan Seacrestabout the non-negotiable at her wedding i m sorry is that her parents room able to to visit the ceremony, i beg your pardon will just be possible when it’s safe for lock to take trip again.

She additionally talked around it being weird for she to say the they’re ‘engaged’ even though she called Seacrest the she feels much more “stable” than ever before.

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“It feels therefore weird,” she shared. “People have actually been speak it because that so long, like five years, ‘Are you getting married? room you engaged?’ and now we actually are, and also it feels choose I’m in a cartoon or something.”

Talking about wedding planning v Seacrest meant Stefani had actually to identify the craziness that has been 2020 and shared that she doesn’t care how huge or tiny the wedding is.

“I would say I just want mine parents there at this point,” she said theAmerican Idolhost. “My parents wouldn’t concerned Thanksgiving since they’re so scared so yes, really would quite it not be a COVID situation.”

She continued, “Like, i would rather not have masks and also that type of thing. Also when you reduced it down to simply family, it’s as well many civilization for COVID for this reason we’re type of walking to check out what wake up in the next few months.”