Gwen Stefani and also Blake Shelton (seen in 2016 at left and also on your wedding day at right) bound the node on July 3, 2021. Getty photos ; Jeremy Bustos

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton — who began dating in 2015 prior to getting involved in 2020 — bound the knot in an intimate wedding in ~ his Oklahoma ranch top top July 3, 2021.

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From co-stars on “The Voice” come husband and also wife, page Six is breaking under the artists’ love story: how it started, significant relationship milestones and also all the details of your wedding.

Just friends … at an initial

Stefani and Shelton appear alongside Adam Levine and also Pharrell Williams top top “The Voice.”NBCU photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

The No Doubt frontwoman announced in 2014 the she was joining “The Voice” together a coach alongside other superstars Shelton, Adam Levine and also Pharrell Williams.

Although Stefani and Shelton’s on-air chemistry was evident from the start, the performers started their working connection as pals, together she to be married at the time to musician Gavin Rossdale while Shelton was married come fellow nation singer Miranda Lambert.

Single (again) and also ready come mingle — through each other

Stefani and also Gavin Rossdale announced their brewing divorce in the summer that 2015, best after Shelton and also Miranda Lambert revealed lock were splitting up.Wireimage

The singers’ fun and also flirty friendship flourished — till both stars ended up single at the very same time in the summer of 2015.

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Shelton filed because that divorce native Lambert, his second wife, after four years the marriage. Then simply weeks later, Stefani and Rossdale shocked fans by calling that quits after ~ 13 year of marriage and also three children.

Stefani, who had stepped far from “The Voice” the prior season, returned for Season 9 alongside Shelton. The pair leaned on each other during mutual tough times together friends when navigating your divorces.

“I haven’t met one coach that’s to be on this display that i wouldn’t consider at this allude a really an excellent friend,” Shelton called “Entertainment Tonight.” “Any of the coaches the I’ve functioned on with this display I can contact at any kind of moment and talk to.”

Romance rumors — and denials — warm up

Stefani and Shelton to visit an NFL game in December 2015, a tiny over a month ~ confirming your romantic relationship. Getty Images

“It’s completely untrue,” a rep for Stefani claimed in September 2015 after ~ rumors started heating up the the singers were having their own off-screen romantic duet.

A few months later, Ryan Seacrest request Stefani point-blank whether she and also Shelton were dating. If sidestepping the question, Stefani disclosed that she did, however, “think hot.”

But shortly after the interview, the pair changed their tune and also Stefani’s rep confirmed to web page Six that Stefani to be in reality dating Shelton.

The new couple leaves no doubt they’re dating

Stefani and also Shelton make a splash top top the red carpet in ~ the 2016 Vanity fair Oscar Party. Getty Images

With the cat that the bag, Stefani and also Shelton began sharing romantic moment on social media together they grew closer. Oklahoma indigenous Shelton gifted Stefani v a horse, which she gushed about on Instagram.

The couple then made your public debut in ~ the Vanity fair 2016 Oscar Party, where Stefani performed.

The lovestruck crooners also performed “Go Ahead and Break mine Heart” in ~ the 2016 Billboard Music Awards. They finished the track hand in hand.

Proving points were gaining serious, in a July 2016 interview through Billboard, Shelton revealed, “Gwen conserved my life. That else ~ above earth might understand going with a high-profile divorce from one more musician? girlfriend can’t even imagine the similarities in ours divorces.”

Mushy PDA ‘disgusts’ pals

Stefani and Shelton assistance their pal Adam Levine together he it s okay his star on the Hollywood to walk of reputation in 2017. FilmMagic

Close girlfriend Levine claimed in 2017 the the couple’s connection was “beautiful,” albeit a little over the top in the PDA department.

“They found each various other at really amazing times in your lives,” Levine called Howard Stern in October 2017 during a radio interview. “It’s really beautiful … and also it’s real, man.”

They’re “so in love it’s disgusting,” he included of his “Voice” colleagues.

Despite the couple’s obvious infatuation through each other, all seemed quiet top top the marriage front. Until …

Engagement rumors swirl

Shelton and also Stefani to visit the 2018 CMA Awards together.FilmMagic for ACM

Despite Stefani’s ringless finger, the pair couldn’t escape engagement rumors.

In one April 2018 interview, Ellen DeGeneres request Stefani about future wedding plans. Although the popular music star said she thinks around marriage “all the time,” no engagement news broke.

Shelton and Stefani’s 3rd song together — “Nobody but You,” released in December 2019 — stated a lot about the couple’s intentions. In one interview through “Entertainment Tonight,” Shelton addressed the lyrics, “I don’t wanna look ago in 30 years and also wonder that you’re married to” — not precisely helping to tamp under rumors that a an enig engagement.

“I love the rumors,” he said. “Those rumors space great. Anybody the thinks I’m married to Gwen already, i love it. Mine god. That wouldn’t want to be married to Gwen Stefani?”

Stefani and Shelton show everyone they room ‘Happy Anywhere’ during quarantine