In case you missed that (because friend were too busy act laundry or you know, concentrating on your career), Gwyneth Paltrow is engaged.

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The 45-year-old actress and health entrepreneur previously this month revealed via Instagram the she and also her friend of 3 years, Glee producer Brad Falchuk, room engaged.

Despite announcing the news so publicly (the couple also graced the cover of the second-ever print worry of Gwyneth’s Goop magazine), it’s taken 2 weeks for the Sliding Doors star to step out v her brand-new accessory.

And, by that we mean, we’ve waited 2 weeks to ultimately SEE THE BLING RING.

The mother-0f-two gave the civilization the very first glimpse of the engagement ring she was given by her beau end the weekend, if presenting in ~ the producers Guild Awards in Los Angeles.

Wearing a red Alex Perry gown, it seems Gwyneth to be trying to distract united state from the ring through ALL THE COLOUR, however the bling was tough to miss due to the fact that a) it’s huge, b) it’s blue and c) it’s HUGE.


While the ring make an appearance in the couple's black and white photoshoot because that Goop magazine, the world had yet to discover that the absent was in reality a deep the shade of blue.

No main details about the ring has actually been revealed, yet the diamond appears to be an "organically cut" shape and is absolutely the best one the actress has received end the years.

She was involved to Brad Pitt in 1996, 2 years ~ the pair met filming thriller Se7en. Just 24 at the time, the duo dubbed off your engagement a year later.

Gwyneth and also Brad Pitt were engaged for a year in the so late 90s. Photo via Getty.

She then married Coldplay front man Chris martin in 2003, and wore a vast Asscher-cut diamond ring, finish with a diamond halo and also band, till the pair announced your "conscious uncoupling" in 2014.

The engagement ring Gwyneth was given by her currently ex-husband, chris Martin. Image via Getty.

Of her latest engagement, the actress said she was willing to give marriage one more go after agree "how buzzpatterson.complex romantic love have the right to be".

"I have made decision to provide it a go again," she said in the latest problem of Goop.

"Not only since I believe I have uncovered the male I was supposed to it is in with, but because I have accepted the soul-stretching, pattern-breaking methods that (terrifyingly) are made feasible by intimacy."

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