Reese Bacon waits to examine in for his reservation to work-related out at a 24 Hour Fitness gym in mountain Francisco.

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Another bay Area county is requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a recent an unfavorable coronavirus check to enter countless indoor establishments.

Contra Costa ar on Tuesday authorize a mandate that customers of at home restaurants, bars and also gyms must display proof of full vaccination or a an adverse coronavirus test an outcome before entering.

The requirement will apply to anyone 12 and also older. The order in the san Francisco only Area’s third-most populated county, where an ext than 1 million people live, goes into impact Sept. 22.

Workers will certainly be subject to a similar requirement starting Nov. 1; if they space not vaccinated, they will need to be tested weekly.

The order applies to businesses serving food or drinks indoors, including theaters and other entertain venues, and fitness facilities, including yoga and also dance studios.

“We desire to save Contra Costa county businesses open and also safe. Locations where world remove masks come eat and drink indoors and where world breathe heavily during exercise rise the risk of COVID-19 spreading,” Contra Costa health and wellness Services claimed in a statement.


No major religions denounce vaccination. That hasn’t maintained individual churches from providing spiritual “cover” for those seek to stop jabs.

San Francisco and Berkeley require customers 12 and also older to show proof of vaccination to enter indoor bars, restaurants, clubs, gyms and big indoor events; a negative coronavirus check is not permitted as an alternative.

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West Hollywood on Oct. 11 will need patrons 18 and also older to show proof lock are completely vaccinated to get in indoor restaurants, bars, clubs, theaters and gyms, also as an individual care establishments, consisting of barbershops, pond salons and tanning services.

Palm Springs has actually ordered patrons 12 and also older to carry out proof the COVID-19 inoculation or a recent an unfavorable coronavirus check to get in indoor restaurants and bars.