Nicholas Godejohn met Gypsy climbed Blanchard ~ above a Christian dating site. Quickly after your first couple of meetings in person, she inquiry him to murder her overbearing mommy — which the did.

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Nicholas Godejohn was just 26 year old when he committed his very first and only murder. The started when he began an eventually short-lived partnership with the young, look at wheelchair-bound Gypsy increased Blanchard, i m sorry soon caused him killing her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard, in a strange tale that has because become infamous.

But even prior to the bizarre 2015 homicide recently depicted in Hulu’s The Act, Nicholas Godejohn was currently wading right into troubled waters. The then-23-year-old Wisconsin man had actually a history of psychological illness and a criminal document for indecent exposure as soon as he and Gypsy met top top the internet. It just took a few months for your nightly digital bonding sessions come turn right into a face-to-face meeting.


TwitterThe Blanchard residence on the night the Dee Dee Blanchard’s corpse was discovered in the summer the 2015.

Gypsy said reporter Erin Lee Carr the after the incident at the movie theater, her mother’s cruelty increased. Follow to Gypsy, she felt helpless and angry and this led to her to help carry the end her mother’s murder.

“I couldn’t simply jump the end of the wheelchair since I was afraid and also I didn’t know what my mother would do,” Gypsy said, according to People. “I didn’t have actually anyone come trust.”

It was after the incident at the movie theater that she believed only Godejohn could assist her and also asked him, “Would you kill my mom for me?”

Godejohn committed to the act quite easily, by every accounts.

Plan B, as the couple called it, took place on June 12, 2015, and also it was exceptionally gory.

Gypsy’s variation of events had Nicholas Godejohn enter the pink home that the Habitat for humanity charity had built for her and her mother. Gypsy provided Godejohn v a pair of blue gloves and also a large serrated knife.

Godejohn then commanded his girlfriend come “get her ass come the bathroom” via text message and Gypsy complied. As she sat on the bathroom floor, naked, she could overhear Godejohn stab her mommy to death — through the screams permeating the walls.

Life Behind Bars for Nicholas Godejohn

The duo’s exit strategy was primitive and doomed to fail. Castle fled come Wisconsin whereby they plan to start a brand-new life at Godejohn’s parents’ house but Gypsy began to worry about her mother’s decomposing body.

Hoping authorities would uncover her mother and not trace the murder ago to her and Godejohn, she post the fact that Dee Dee Blanchard was dead top top their mutual Facebook page. Gypsy suspect the police would certainly think a arbitrarily criminal had actually done the deed however that obviously wasn’t the case.

Police traced the post earlier to large Bend, Wisconsin, wherein they quickly uncovered Gypsy rose Blanchard and also Nicholas Godejohn. Both were arrested because that murder.

Nicholas Godejohn pleaded not guilty come first-degree murder yet received a life sentence after ~ being found guilty. Gypsy go plead guilty to second-degree murder and also was sentenced come 10 year in prison. Her sentence will involved an end in 2026 and also she will be eligible because that parole in 2024. Godejohn’s jail term, however, isn’t eligible because that parole, follow to

“Nick to be so in love through her and also so obsessed with her that he would do anything,” said Godejohn’s lawyer, Dewayne Perry, in his closing disagreements in November 2018. “And Gypsy knew that.” He also described the killer as a “low-functioning person with autism” i can not qualify of truly and also consciously deciding to commit murder.

The trial walk see several psychologists support Perry’s discussion that his customer did indeed have the disorder and also should’ve maybe received a trial come accommodate that. In the end, though, Greene county prosecutor Dan Patterson suggested that Nicholas Godejohn to be mentally sound sufficient to weigh his choices — pointing to the fact that the defendant waited exterior the victim’s bedroom because that a minute to make his decision — and also that he to be primarily encouraged by sex.

Patterson additionally said Nicholas Godejohn’s T-shirt, emblazoned v “evil clowns,” was worn deliberately to fear Gypsy’s mother prior to her murder. While that particular claim wasn’t chin incriminating in regards to his intent to murder, the reality that Nicholas Godejohn and also Gypsy climbed Blanchard discussed the crime because that at least an entire year prior absolutely was.

Godejohn’s Legacy

Nicholas Godejohn’s very first and last murder has due to the fact that been turned into Hulu’s The Act, certification Patricia Arquette as Dee Dee Blanchard and Joey King as Gypsy Rose. Canadian actor Calum Worthy portrays Godejohn.

While the production is certain to take a few an innovative liberties v the real-life material, the foundation certainly seems faithful come the truth.

According come Newsweek, Dee Dee Blanchard’s household is none also pleased v the reality that the present will, in your view, play fast and loose with their lives. This isn’t the an initial time the killing of Dee Dee Blanchard will have been adapted for the screen, together HBO’s 2017 documentary, Mommy Dead and Dearest, gained there first.

Nonetheless, Gypsy Rose’s cousin Bobby Pitre revealed that “Dee Dee’s sisters think it’s nice fucked up. Lock hate every one of it. They don’t recognize why world keep do stories about it.”

While the victim’s sister think it’s “time to leave it alone,” it’s no mystery why world have end up being so obsessively fascinated through the case.

In a post-Serial world where true crime reigns supreme, the story of a tiny girl that was basically held captive, called she was sick her whole life, but that managed to escape, no matter how murderously, enthralls millions.

For Godejohn, follow to the Springfield News-Leader, the motivation to kill never ever changed.

“I was blindly in love,” he claimed at the sentencing hear in February. “That to be always an extremely much the case.”

Godejohn’s lawyer motioned because that a brand-new trial at the hearing based upon the argument that his customer was in a decreased mental capacity during the crime and that the state’s psychologist shouldn’t have actually been maybe to carry out contradictory testimony in ~ the original trial.

While judge Jones refuse the motion, that did agree that this argument could be of attention to a higher, different court in the future, as Godejohn’s situation moves with the process of appeals.

Nonetheless, Nicholas Godejohn will likely spend the rest of his life in prison.

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