"The system had actually failed this young girl. It failed her," Dr. Phil stated on "CBS This Morning."A Gypsy climbed Blanchard podcast just posted come the internet.

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TV talk present host Phil McGraw announced top top "CBS This Morning" Thursday the his new podcast, "Analysis of Murder," would certainly attempt come delve into the psychology of killers — and also its very first series will certainly be dedicated to the Blanchard case.

"What I desire to perform is take human being inside the psychic of these killers so they understand how this happens," stated McGraw, who holds a master"s degree and also a doctorate in psychology indigenous the college of north Texas, according to a biographical database kept by the Springfield-Greene ar Library. McGraw"s "Dr. Phil Show" has been ~ above TV since 2002.

McGraw said human being often asking him, "Dr. Phil, that does this kind of thing?"

"When they say it to me, it"s no rhetorical," the said. People really desire McGraw to describe how people get into cases where castle murder other people.

"The mother below is plainly Munchausen by proxy," McGraw told the anchors the "CBS This Morning" in a segment that aired beforehand Thursday.

As the investigation into the murder of 48-year-old Dee Dee Blanchard by Nicholas Godejohn and Gypsy Blanchard take it its course, it became clear the Dee Dee likely had actually Munchausen by proxy, also called factitious disorder or clinical child abuse.

"This is a disorder in the DSM-5," McGraw claimed on CBS, introduce to the American Psychiatric Association"s clinical manual. "But ns don"t yes, really think it must be. I think this is more abuse 보다 a mental illness. This woman had actually turned this child into a cash cow."

McGraw continued, "The system had actually failed this young girl. That failed her. Doctors had uncovered this, didn’t follow up. (Missouri society services) had actually been called a pair times. Didn"t perform anything, just provided her earlier to the abuser. The became obvious to this young girl that, look, it"s gonna be among us who"s gonna die. It"s either her or it"s gonna be me. The only way I to escape is if she"s dead."

The very first episode of the "Analysis of Murder" podcast to be posted Wednesday to platforms consisting of Stitcher, apple Podcasts and others. The debut is titled "The Killer rose of Gypsy Rose," runs 69 minutes and has been offered a 3.9 the end of 5-star rating by apple listeners.

McGraw formerly interviewed Blanchard from prison in a two-part broadcast the went on TV in November 2016.

"I"m no happy she is dead," Blanchard said McGraw in the interview, referring to her mother.

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Blanchard, 27, is right now at Chillicothe Correctional center serving a 10-year sentence for second-degree murder for her role in she mother"s death. Her family recently announced the she plans come marry a guy she met as a prison pen pal.

Blanchard also recently appealed to the general public in hopes human being will questioning Missouri Gov. Mike Parson to grant her clemency.