As Gypsy increased Blanchard continues her jail sentence for her function in the death of she mother, E! News learns exactly how the Coronavirus is impacting her sentence.

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The Coronavirus will not prevent Gypsy rose Blanchard from completing she 10-year sentence.

As the worldwide pandemic proceeds to have actually an impact on numerous prisons and also jails throughout the country, E! News is learning an ext about one prisoner's ongoing life behind bars.

"Gypsy rose Blanchard will stay behind bars transparent the Coronavirus pandemic," a source shared with us exclusively. "Gypsy's prison facility is not granting at an early stage releases."

Our insider continued, "The prison suspended in-person visits back in March so Gypsy hasn't to be able to check out anyone since then. Lock have, however, been providing inmates boosted phone time."

We're called Gypsy has actually not experienced any kind of Coronavirus symptoms favor cough and also fever while in prison. In ~ the very same time, the health dilemm has made the 28-year-old can not to attend her regular group counseling sessions. 

"The prison's team counseling programs have actually been placed on host as a an outcome of the Coronavirus," our resource shared.

A Fiancé, Freedom and Fame: within Gypsy increased Blanchard's Life in Prison

Gypsy ended up being a national true crime sensation once it was revealed in 2015 the she planned the killing of her mother Dee Dee Blanchard v her then-boyfriend after suffering years of medical child abuse.

Investigation Discovery

Her story later ended up being the topic of a HBO documentary titled Mommy Dead and Dearest and also a Hulu miniseries referred to as The Act.

In an additional plot twist, Gypsy got engaged in April 2019 to a male named Ken. While lock met through her prison's pen pal program, they would ultimately speak to off their engagement. 

"Gypsy has not resumed she romantic connection with her ex-boyfriend Ken because breaking points off with him. She is remaining focused on bettering herself," our source shared. "She currently has no to plan to enter into one more relationship until after she is exit from prison."

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As for as soon as she might get a taste that freedom, we're told her parole hear is in 2024.

But as some followers recall, Gypsy when admitted to experiencing much more freedom in prison 보다 she ever did in real-life before Dee Dee's death.

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"In some means they're the same, but now I'm for this reason much more freer," Gypsy formerly said throughout an interview on 20/20. "The prison ns was living in before with my mom, the was like I couldn't walk, i couldn't eat, i couldn't have actually friends. Over here, ns feel like I'm freedom in prison than living with my mom. live favor a common woman."

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