The Spirits arsenal is beginning to hit store shelves and also will be widely obtainable nationwide by April, said Rachel Jaiven, Häagen-Dazs brand manager. The 14-ounce pints and also cookie squares have a suggested retail price that $5.29.

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Flavors include Irish Cream Brownie, Rum Tres Leches, Vanilla p Bourbon Truffle, Non-Dairy Amaretto black Cherry Almond Toffee and Irish Cream Cookie Squares.

“The Spirits arsenal was expertly make to market new, extraordinary ways to indulge," Jaiven said. "Each flavor is perfect come pair through your favorite cocktail, elevate a boozy rise or merely enjoy ~ above its own.”

The ice cream cream brand has had actually spirited seasonings before, however this is the very first collection, Jaiven said.

But girlfriend won"t acquire drunk or feel a buzz from this desserts.

The commodities have 0.5 percent alcohol by volume, i m sorry is the same amount uncovered in a nonalcoholic beer.

“You have the right to indulge openly without any kind of concerns,” Jaiven said.

Starting in march 1, 2 Spirits spices – Irish Cream Brownie and Vanilla bean Bourbon Truffle – also will be available at Häagen-Dazs Shops nationwide and served in cups, cones, sundaes or milkshakes.

Jaiven said she expects the ireland Cream Brownie to be among the many sought-after flavors. 

“It was among the most well-known bring-back requests from our consumers,” she said, describing it together an adult version of brownies a la mode. “It’s a nod (to the old version), yet we’ve additionally enhanced it.”

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Häagen-Dazs spirits Collection

Irish Cream Brownie: ireland Cream-infused ice cream with cacao brownie pieces and a fudge swirl.

Rum Tres Leches: The Latin American-inspired flavor is infused through rum, ribbons the dulce de leche and chunks the Tres Leches cake.

Bourbon Vanilla p Truffle: The vanilla bean ice cream has chocolate truffles and also finished v a spicy bourbon swirl.

Stout cacao Pretzel Crunch: The stout-infused cacao ice cream through notes of toasted malt includes chocolate-covered pretzels and also fudge swirls.

Bourbon Praline Pecan: The bourbon ice cream cream is infused through brown sugar bourbon swirls and also the praline pecans.

Non-Dairy Amaretto black Cherry Almond Toffee: Sweet black cherry jam and almond toffee pieces are folded right into the nutty Amaretto-infused non-dairy dessert.

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Irish Cream Cookie Squares: Chocolate cookie topped with Irish Cream-infused ice cream cream dipped in dark chocolate.