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The Three-in-One

The three in One is the classic Marching Illini halftime performance. During the performance, the crowd stands and also sings in unison. Previously, the “Three-in-One” coincided with the power of cook Illiniwek. During the singing of “Hail come the Orange,” students sign up with arms and also saey to the song. The show has three songs: “The proud of the Illini,” “The march of the Illini” and “Hail to the Orange.”

Lyrics to “The pride of the Illini”:

We room marching for dear old Illini,

For the males who are fighting for you.

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Here’s a cheer because that our to ~ Alma Mater,

May our love because that her ever before be true!

While we’re marching follow me life’s pathway,

May the soul of old Illinois

Keep united state marching and singing, with true Illini spirit,

For our dear old Illinois.

Lyrics come “Hail to the Orange” (often described as “The Alma Mater.”):

Hail come the Orange, Hail come the Blue,

Hail Alma Mater,

Ever for this reason true (so true).

We love no other, for this reason let ours motto be

Victory, Illinois, Varsity!

Other significant cheers and also traditions:

Illini traditions:

The “Ill … ini” cheer: generally started by the Illini cheerleaders or Block I, one next of Memorial stadion yells “I-l-l.” The other side responds v “I-n-i.” The cheer spontaneously begins during lulls in activity.

“Hey! Baby” through Bruce Channel is frequently performed transparent sporting occasions by the Marching Illini. The crowd sings along and also dances.At football games:

During kickoff and also punts fans shake your keys and yell.During halftime, the Block I additionally takes part in the performance, transforming colored cards to develop a large image. Past pictures have had Chief Illiniwek, a large I and also a beer glass emptying itself.

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At volleyball games:

When the announcer is presenting the the contrary team, fans bring newspapers with them and turn their back to the court, pretending to check out them.