The 23-year-old model celebrated the finish of 2019 by share never-before-seen photos in the lead as much as her wedding day


It’s safe to say the 2019 was a quite memorable year for newlyweds Hailey and Justin Bieber.

Just much less than a year ~ officially speak ‘I do’ in September 2018 in ~ a courthouse, the pair married in prior of their family and famous girlfriend in Montage Palmetto Bluff in southern Carolina.

Looking back at their very first year the marriage, the 23-year-old took the opportunity on brand-new Year’s Day come share a montage that videos and also photos throughout she last 365, which gave fans a sneak peek right into never-before-seen photos, take away in the lead up to her large day.

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In a short article captioned through the date August 21, the climate bride-to-be could be checked out trying on her off-the-shoulder wedding dress, draft by luigi Vuitton menswear"s imaginative director Virgil Abloh.

‘Had my final dress fitting,’ she captioned the photo, which sees the model standing in a hotel conference room and wearing her complete veil, emblazoned with the statement ‘til’ fatality do united state part’ top top the train.

Hailey BaldwinInstagram

Minimal Wedding Dresses


Stella McCartney
Crepe halterneck gown, £3,500




Silk-satin turtleneck gown, £1,365


The Row

Ebbins crepe maxi dress, £1,325


Jenny Packham

Cosmo embellished tulle and cady gown, £2,660


Stella McCartney

Open-back stretch-crepe gown, £2,800


Roland Mouret

Aldrich strapless frayed cloqué midi dress, £2,350


Michael Lo Sordo

Silk-satin gown, £645


Jenny Packham

Venus off-the-shoulder tulle and cady gown, £2,520


Another snap proved off the size of the thin train, which was embroidered with small flowers top top the hem, while an additional showed the design attempting come FaceTime Abloh when standing in the dress.

Hailey BaldwinInstagram
The newlywed additionally posted a photo of it s her standing in a backless white dress that was gift pinned ~ above September 8 while one more sees the bride experience a hair and make-up test v A-list hair stylist Jen Atkin.

Wearing an up-do when standing in a Meghan Markle-inspired halterneck gown in one snap, the bride verified off the basic details the the dress, while an additional photo features the model in one off-the-shoulder corseted satin gown i beg your pardon she accessorised through diamond autumn earrings, a diamond necklace and a half-up-do hair style.

Hailey BieberInstagram
During the round-up that photos, number of snaps show the newlyweds at your wedding rehearsal – for which the Californian star wore a bespoke white mini Vivienne Westwood dress – if others see the pair walking under the aisle.

Hailey BieberInstagram
Hailey BieberInstagram
‘I to be the last OLLG,’ the bride captioned a picture of herself – referencing she husband’s 2009 track ‘One much less lonely girl’ - sitting in her wedding agree dress, trainers and a black color bomber jacket.

Hailey BaldwinInstagram
The couple’s wedding to be attended by their friends consisting of Kendall and also Kylie Jenner and Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun.

Ahead of your wedding, the model spoke the end in defence the her marital relationship to Bieber, informing Vogue Australia: ‘Nobody indigenous the outside really knows what"s walk on in between us.

‘I wake up every morning through this person. I"m the only human being that has straight dialogue with this person. This is my relationship. What"s so tricky around mental wellness is that it have the right to be easy to let world convince you of other that"s no real.’

The pair currently break-up their time between Canada and their home in Los Angeles.

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