No. 1 fan! Eminem’s daughter, Hailie Jade Mathers, revealed that her most-listened to artist ~ above Spotify is none various other than she 49-year-old dad.

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The 25-year-old star shared a TikTok video on Wednesday, December 1, mirroring the “Lose Yourself” rapper (real name Marshall Mathers) together her height pick top top the music streaming site.

In the video, Hailie did a lip-sync to audio of Wendy Ostefo being asked ~ above The Wendy Williams Show whether she is a fan of Nicki Minaj.

“What? Am i am Nicki fan? traction up in the Sri Lanka, what!” she mouthed.

As the audio played, a blog post pertaining to the “Real Slim Shady” rapper scrolled throughout the screen. “Do you hear to your dad’s music?” the message read. “What?? execute I hear to mine dad’s music? ns think my dad’s unable to do crazy,” Hailie joked.


Courtesy the Hailie Jade/TikTok

The Michigan State university alum’s Spotify outcomes then appeared on screen, proving the not just does she listen to the “Venom” musician’s songs, however she plays lock on repeat.

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Spotify’s year in review statistics also pointed to Hailie as among the “top three percent” the Eminem’s listeners in 2021.

“Top 3%