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I am going to endeavor out on a body here and also say the this is a matter of opinion and also is at the sole discretion of the mom or caretaker involved.

I refuse to leaving it at the though, us love our small girls, they are our pride and joy and also caring for their hair have the right to be some what that a priority since like us we want to check out growth and health in their hair simply as much as we desire to watch it in our own.

There is no doubt the braid extensions aid us to keep our hair healthy by break the require for continuous manipulation and also protecting our ends from damage.

However v a son there space two things to take into consideration when make the decision on if girlfriend should include hair extensions* to her hair, one, how fragile her hair can be at the moment of the decision and two, just how mature she is.

When we describe extensions*, we room talking around any sort of weave hair the you would include to your child’s hair to protect it or simply as a part of her regimen.

This topic has been discussed a lot especially when we view celebrity kids rocking braids from as young as 6 years old. Turn off the bat because that me I have the right to say definitively the 6 is means too young, yet lets really talk about it.

Is a child’s hair too breakable for extensions*?

The hair top top a child’s head when she is born is much different from what it will certainly look choose at 13. Her hair will readjust over the years, the shade will change, the thickness, and also the texture will adjust as the kid grows. Up till the suggest of puberty your son will have thinner and an ext fragile strands that can quickly break and get damaged with much more stress.

In reality there are certain recommendations native doctors and professional hair stylists who refute the usage of chemicals and additives that can potentially reason harm to a child’s hair before the age of 13.

The scalp is of specific interest since it is an extension of the child’s skin, and just favor you would certainly do everything to protect her skin and not put stress ~ above it with harsh creams, you desire to treat she scalp in the very same manner.

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Even though extensions are not ‘creams’ you require to have the ability to care for her daughter’s scalp in the gentlest method you have the right to without the fuss of expansions that could get in the way.