Going come them to carry out their hair ns owned a an elderly salon and the women started gaining too old to come for this reason I would certainly go come them. That"s just how it started. Currently it"s a practically safe means to obtain your hair done anywhere you are

Total beauty Salonwomen /men-hair reduced , shade , hilite .facial therapies ( pucker , for sure , lifting , whitening -etc).graduated native Vidal Sassoon Academy .I’ve been assisted my services to my clients to look in ~ their best .LOOKING GOOOD & FEELING an excellent at WHERE?SALON ARGIOTHOSE whom ARE in search of YOUNGER APPRERACES & STYLISH HAIR OR FACIAL therapy .Salon Argio photos:https://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/ZUr1g7i0F9CsHD69r9n2Cw?select=rlKQqhrkB2YFGq12hjVj8w&utm_source=ishare... See Profile

Hello,I"m Sandra, Founder that IM"SA Co. And also Licensed Cosmetologist. I"m certified in Hair and also Eyelash Extensions, and Makeup. I"ve remained in the industry for 4 years from those particular places: Virginia, Alaska, brand-new Jersey, and also now Hawaii. Mine mission is to continue to provide seamless cosmetics services and also put a laugh in mine customers" face.

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Specializing in every Ethnic Hair Services situated in the facility of the island the Oahu in Waipahu area.We have over 30 years of skilled Experience in practice Hair Coloring, practice Hair Cutting, Skincare, ALL organic HAIR SERVICES, Hair additions, Eyebrow Enhancing, Children’s solutions to surname a few...mnmshair.com

At Shear Bliss shop we administer precision haircuts, color, highlights,lowlights, perms, Keratin smoothing, deep conditioning, scalp treatments, styling, updo"s, makeup, face waxing, etc...Our stylist room licensed cosmetologist, certified keratin experts, & makeup artist. We welcome you to a be sure personable atmosphere where quality and customer organization are our greatest priorities. Come in and let us serve you through your future hair needs. Check us out

I have a passion for arts and also believe that every tattoo has actually a definition or story behind it; even if it is you draw it you yourself or aid me in producing a work of arts or take something from multiple pictures and combine them; the is a among a kind. I have all crucial equipment, can and also will take trip if require be or customer can come to me and relax in my home shop. I’ve to be tattooing for around 7 yrs and also did one apprenticeship because that 4yrs two in California and also two in Oklahoma.... Watch Profile
I love to produce custom colors since I have constantly had a enthusiasm for art and for connecting through awesome people!I love what ns do and also have been since 2001I specialization in organic looking balayage highlighting.
We administer exceptional business using just high top quality products. Our clients event is as necessary to themas it is to us. Talented, reliable and also experienced in all things wedding, her day will certainly be every little thing you dreamy of once using our services.We have actually been honored with ideal of the secrets Hair and also Makeup, 2 yrs. Consecutive, end 115 five Star evaluate on Wedding Wire, winner, 8 yrs consecutive-Wedding cable Couples an option awards.... View Profile
I have over 30 years of experience in haircuts, color, relaxation and also makeup; consisting of photoshoot session because that magazines, models, actors, wedding parties, etc.
Innovative color specialist and hair designer relocating with the latest hair patterns affiliated with sexy Miami styles!
We carry out a multitude the services concerning hair and nails, with great customer satisfaction. Customers can expect to find excellent company that competes with bordering salons.
Certified Hair dresser, love what i do.The most vital for me it"s make my client happyHair cuts - hair color - keratin/botox - hair extensions - punch dry - highlights
We space a Dominican hair Salon situated in the love of Coral Gables with many than two decades of experience in the ar of beauty. Ns am devoted in all species of hair and hair Extensions. Color corrections. Hair strengthening. The most essential Curly hair. Guy hair stylist
Shazz, Hair/Makeup Artist to the stars,has remained in the beauty sector her entire life. She literally thrived up in her mothers salon. She has actually coiffed the hair and also painted the deals with of many celebrities and founded "Glam Squad production Artist" The One avoid Crew Shop, in 2000.Shazz specializes in more than 20 Safe, Intricate and Undetectable Hair expansion Systems. Her accolades include however are not restricted to, "50 Most prominent Women in the beauty Industry", "50 optimal Women strength Brokers" and also "America Hair Idol Legend", "People"s file - Cosmetologist".After a 2 1/2 year retirement, Shazz re-entered the arena v a new goal... Check out Profile
A little studio , closed turn off from the main salon because that VIP service. All expert hair products. Friend will constantly leave v knowledge. Hair knowledge
We space a traditional contemporary Hair shop that go all species of hair services that prioritizes hair care. We develop handmade hair assets such together hair oils and also rice water together with skincare products like our cannabis infused heal oil for pain, scars, and also scratches. Below at Glory residence where looking an excellent and feeling good is understood.

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I carry out a higher quality that services:i respect my customer and safeguard them especially in this pandemic.i only do apt ideal now. 30 minute to clean after ns take the next client
Dominican hair stylish professional in shade , cuttings, updos(special ocassions and parties), Highligts, perms and others...