We all recognize that acquiring bald once we gain old is kinda scary, yet there’s no means that we can stop it. Somehow, us still want to have that healthy and volumed hair. However, every these will certainly be gone in our later years. And also it’s inevitable.

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But did you know that not just on the head we can experience hair loss? This can happen on our legs and also in numerous parts the our human body too.

There space a lot of reasons why a human being experiences hair loss. But one point is for sure, those undesirable hair difficulties that you have in your beforehand years, it will certainly not be forever. (Related: how Old do You have to Be To get Laser Hair Removal)

Why Does foot Hair avoid Growing?

As girlfriend age, thinning that the hair and also changes with your hair shade is really common. The exact same thing happens through your leg hair.

When you grow old, your levels of hormones fall, and so does your hair. A noticeable amount the hair will autumn off. Especially if it operation in your family.


Other causes of Hair loss on her Legs

Aside native the reality that hair lose is a normal component of the aging process, there are other reasons too on why does your leg hair stop from growing. Below are other causes of hair ns on her legs.


Wearing tight-fitting jeans or any clothes the can create friction on her legs can damage your skin and your hair follicles. Thus, boosting your chances of hair loss.

But don’t issue just yet. The hair on your legs can still grow. When you prevent wearing these varieties of clothes, the damages to her skin and also hair follicles will likewise stop.


If you have actually scars on her legs, most most likely your hair follicles top top the scar area have currently been damaged. Hair cannot thrive on scar tissues, therefore, you have the right to see part hair loss or part patches that don’t have hair top top some locations of your legs that have scars.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Lack of iron, zinc, and vitamin D can result in hair loss. Her body needs sufficient nutrients to develop enough and healthy hair all over the body. Without these, the hair drops out and dullness can happen, not only to your hair leg but to every hair on her skin.


Have girlfriend heard about being sick due to the fact that of too much stress? Well, that’s not a myth and it deserve to also an outcome in hair thinning and fall out. Medical experts say the if you’re as well young because that hair loss, climate you’re absolutely stressed out.

Certain clinical Conditions

Alopecia areata is a usual autoimmune disorder that results in hair loss in circular tiny patches around the dimension of a coin. These can take place on any part of the person body, consisting of the upper and also lower legs.

These tiny patches that show up in the foot are referred to as Anterolateral foot alopecia. Although the harmless, the can influence one’s self-esteem and confidence. This problem affects both men and also women, regardless of age.


There room also details medications that can cause hair loss and also prevent hair growth.

For example, cancer patients who are taking chemotherapy drugs experience hair loss. This is due to the fact that the medicine targets both cancer cells and the great cells that help in hair growth.

People who are undergoing chemotherapy shed not just the hair on your head but additionally to various other parts that the body including the legs.

Aside from medications for cancer, birth manage pills, blood thinners, and a high sheep of vitamin A can also lead come hair loss. Medicines for high blood pressure, depression, gout, and also heart problems can additionally prevent her hair from growing.

While thinning of hair on your legs and also to any component of your body is typical as you grow old, seeking clinical opinion is also advised.

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As mentioned, there space several factors for the concern “does her leg hair protect against from growing?” and only her doctor can tell friend what might be the actual reason behind it. (Read also: every little thing You need to Know about Laser Hair Removal)

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