Supatra Susuphan, who won the location of the world’s hairiest girl, has begun shaving her face for the very first time come marry the love of her life. Susuphan sick fromAmbras Syndrome that causesexcess hair to grow all over her body, consisting of her face.The seventeen-year-old, who continues to be in theThaicapital Bangkok, has been posting photos of her new hair-free face on social media in loved-up photos v her husband. In no time, the pictures have actually gone viral, v the netizens giving a large thumbs approximately the beloved couple.


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Susuphan suffers from Ambras Syndrome, also known as Werewolf Syndrome, which is an extremely rare genetic condition. It is a kind of hypertrichosis which reasons excessive body-hair growth. In 2010, Susuphan was named the hairiest girl in the civilization by Guinness people Records and has special hair farming over her face, ears, arms, legs and also back. Growing up through this condition could not have actually been easy, yet Susuphan constantly faced life bravely. Reportedly, even modern-day techniques prefer laser therapy failed to completely stop the hair growth. Susuphan’s father has been quoted saying the she nowregularly shaves her body.


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The brave girl has found happiness with her husband, together revealed by she social media posts. Among her short articles with she husband, who has not been named, reads:‘You’re not just my first love, you’re the love of mine life.’Globally, Susuphan is amongst the couple of dozen well-known sufferers the Ambras Syndrome to be documented due to the fact that the middle Ages. An write-up in the day-to-day Mail estimates Susuphan saying, “I’m an extremely used to this condition. I can’t feel the hair together it has always been prefer this. I don’t feel anything.‘It does sometimes make it an overwhelming to see as soon as it gets long. Ns hope I will be cured one day.” Susuphan says that there were a couple of people in college who would tease her and also call her monkey face, thankfully, they don’t do it anymore. Additionally Read - worldwide Flights: Thailand begins Visa On arrival Facility because that 18 countries Including | complete List Here