In "The magnificent Seven," Haley Bennett played the frontier woman that hires Denzel Washington come avenge her husband"s death. In "The Girl top top the Train," she theatre Megan, a woman through a look at perfect life who goes absent and now her husband (Luke Evans), her neighbor and also former employee (Rebecca Ferguson), and a voyeuristic train rider Rachel room all suspects.

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Both roles boost Bennett"s profile substantially in 2016, making her the following "one come watch" in Hollywood. The actress speak to buzzpatterson.com around her facility character in "Train," the similarities to "Gone Girl," and also shooting her brand-new movie"s well known shower scene.

buzzpatterson.com: Which was harder to film -- "Magnificent Seven" or "Girl on the Train"?

Haley Bennett: "Magnificent Seven" to be a really physical duty and there was a many of action and climate this is a emotional thriller and also a an extremely emotional roller coaster.

Had you check out the book?

Yes, I read the publication prior to knowing anything about the film or the reality that it to be a substantial phenomenon.

Did you have a fave character as soon as you were reading it?

I think the reason I favored the book so much was since I liked all of the characters. All three of the ladies had solid personalities and also I think I"m attracted to every one of their stories.What did you think that the comparisons come "Gone Girl?"

Obviously, it"s a female-driven thriller much like "Gone Girl" and there"s the title, that course. No denying the . and also they both explore the underbelly of domestic life. It"s basic to draw comparisons, I chosen Gillian Flynn and I liked "Gone Girl" and also there was a parallel the I might identify with, i beg your pardon was the Amy seemed favor the perfect woman v the perfect life, yet in truth she was a very complicated character.

And Megan additionally looks like she has actually the perfect life native the outside, however she has actually a the majority of secrets.

Yeah, Megan seems to be the perfect wife and also have the perfect life, however she has actually a terrible mystery that she"s carried about for 10 years. She has an substantial amount that guilt and she hasn"t said a spirit her secret. Typically you can tell one person, i can"t imagine holding ~ above a secret like that for so long. It was shocking for me when I uncovered what that was and I can"t imagine not informing anyone.

I speak to Luke earlier and also he said you both obtained drunk before your shower head scene.

There"s scenes that we filmed which were much more observations native Rachel"s allude of see . Therefore there"s a scene where we"re drink wine outside and also we"re having actually a fire and we"re enjoy it ourselves. Ns think it"s an alleged to produce a feeling of separation in between Rachel and also any connection she"s had -- create more of a void for her. For this reason they"re delivering on and enjoying every other"s company. The set designer offered us a yes, really nice bottle of wine. The wasn"t a scene wherein we really had to destruction in, since it to be native afar.So go you likewise have part drinks before the shower scene or is Luke wrong around that?

Oh, absolutely, the wasn"t a shower head scene. We were shooting in the house and also there was a scene that we were gaining frisky, but it was not the shower scene. No way.

Was this the an initial time you had actually to strip under for a film? exactly how nervous to be you?

It"s a racy thriller, however a the majority of the context approximately the nudity has very small to do with sex. Also those in scenes whereby she"s engaging in those activities, she type of detached, therefore it"s an ext of a personality trait 보다 an act. The way that Megan uses her sexuality is usually the method that Rachel offers alcohol. It"s come numb herself.

So in a way, might you view them convert places?

Yeah, i think through any type of addiction, it"s a machine to escape reality.

In one of your naked scenes, you"re out in the pouring rain. Ns hope you weren"t the end there too long. I was a bit worried because that you.

Awww. It to be a an extremely emotional scene, so ns didn"t really an alert that ns was nude.

You have one more movie coming the end this year, Warren Beatty"s "Rules Don"t Apply."

It to be such a thrill to be part of the wonderful ensemble class -- I was able to sing in the movie and just to occupational with Warren Beatty is a dream. It"s collection in the "50s, for this reason it"s a duration piece and I love the golden Era ... This is a throwback to those movies that i love for this reason much.

He plays Howard Hughes in the film. Is your character also based on a genuine person?

No, she"s fictional. Her name is Mamie and it to be nice due to the fact that it"s a lighter character and it was a nice comparison from these lot darker films and also characters enduring loss. The was funny to sing and also to have actually some comedic display screen time. And Luke gained to execute a music (2017"s "Beauty and the Beast"), which is therefore cool. We invested time on set singing. We would put on tiny duets. We would sing a little bit the "The Lion King" and songs indigenous "Beauty and the Beast." ns think that aided loosen several of the tension.

Would you additionally want to it is in in a Disney musical?

I think they"ve all been made. They"ve remade "Cinderella," they"ve remade "Beauty and also the Beast," what"s left? i think they"ve excellent it all. I favor animated movies a lot. I don"t recognize that any type of of the movies I have coming out will gain me any offers to do those kind of movies.

Like the Terrence Malick movie, "Weightless," which i imagine is not very light.

No, not at all. It"s been rather the journey with that film. It to be like five years ago, when we filmed it. Terrence has actually been a enormous advocate of my career. He was responsible for obtaining Antoine Fuqua to see me in a different light. He was generous enough to create Antoine a letter the recommendation, i guess you could speak to it ~ we worked together. In true Malick fashion, ns think it"s our duty to defend how that prefers to work and to save that sort of private in a way.

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Do you have any kind of idea what the finished film will certainly look like?

Last ns heard it was perhaps six hours! the shoots a lot of footage. The shoots all the footage and also then that takes it back into the modifying room -- he"s the master.