April 1, 2011 — -- The "American Idol" dreams of 2 contestants finished Thursday night.

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Dance instructor Naima Adedapo and also 16-year-old Thia Megia were ousted ~ they obtained the least variety of votes complying with Wednesday"s Elton John track theme night.

Adedapo"s reggae version of "I"m quiet Standing" and also Megia"s "Daniel" wasn"t sufficient to conserve the aspiring singers native the twin elimination.

But because that others top top the show, "Idol" still has actually plenty to offer, and also not just in regards to a singing career -- some space finding love top top the show"s set.

"Trust me, there"s to be hookups," Simon Cowell insisted in 2004. "They don"t talk around it, however it happens. Of food it happens. What carry out you think? We"ve buzzpatterson.comt 12 youngsters living in the same house. Come on."

This year, finalists Casey Abrams and also Haley Reinhart, both 20, are said to be having an off-screen romance, according to In Touch magazine and other reports.

"Most of their downtime is spent together and also they have actually a very touchy-feely relationship," one "Idol" insider called In Touch. "They"re always lying on each other once they"re about the various other contestants and also everybody think they"re hooking up."

Abrams could use part TLC. He suffers native ulcerative colitis and also missed one "Idol" display after being taken to the hospital for a blood transfusion. Last week, he appeared on the verge of breaking down after judges Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and also Randy Jackson saved him native elimination.

Abrams and also Reinhart aren"t the just "Idol" hopefuls claimed to have become close while contending on the show. Take it a look at other rumored romances from previous seasons:

Lee DeWyze and Siobhan Magnus

Season ripe finalists Lee DeWyze and Siobhan Magnus reportedly came to be close while completing last year on "American Idol."

The Los Angeles Times explained how DeWyze and also Magnus cozied up to one an additional during a rehearsal: "One can have to be tempted to read into the head-leaning and gentle back-scratching (not to mention the squid still dry from your Friday night tattoo run)."

When Magnus was buzzpatterson.comt rid of later the week, DeWyze appeared to it is in holding abuzzpatterson.com tears. As shortly as he could, he went to her and wrapped his arms around her.

But if anything to be happening in between the two of them, it ended after DeWyze took the title. Shortly after the won, that told human being magazine he to be single.

"I think a relationship right now will be pretty hard," DeWyze said last July. "That kind of ingredient takes a lot of time and also patience, and also I know right currently I simply don"t think it"d be fair to anybody. As soon as I fulfill the ideal girl I"ll absolutely have no hesitations to a relationship."

Anoop Desai and also Megan happiness Corkrey

Season eight finalists Anoop Desai and also Megan joy Corkrey were spotted at a pair of intimate dinners after ~ the compete ended.

In may 2009, the brand-new York everyday News reported that the two were "getting cozy" throughout dinner in ~ a Burbank, Calif., Outback Steakhouse. Castle were supposedly joined through Adam Lambert, who was there through a male he referred to as "his boyfriend."

A pair months later, Desai and Corkrey were viewed exiting a restaurant arm-in-arm, yet both have actually denied rumors of a relationship.

David Cook and Kimberly Caldwell

Season 7 champion David Cook began dating season 2 contestant Kimberly Caldwell quickly after he to be crowned winner.

Cook very first asked Caldwell top top a day on the red carpet before the saturday season finale in may 2008. After acquisition her come Ruth"s kris steakhouse, that told abc News Radio, "She"s great, and I look front to seeing her again."

"We obtained a opportunity to speak a tiny bit around the entirety experience, and also it"s quite to gain a fresh perspective," chef said. "For me, all this is new."

After they became an item, cook told People, "I think simply gets the this is every nuts... She"s a nice rest from the chaos."

In January 2009, the pair announced their breakup.

Jordin Sparks and also Blake Lewis

Season six champ Jordin Sparks and also runner-up Blake Lewis had actually tongues wagging through their frequent public screens of affection.

On MTV"s "TRL" lock puckered up prior to the cameras in might 2007. A month later, TMZ spotted castle holding hands in a Fry"s electronics store close to Los Angeles.

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But Sparks collection the record straight in she interview through Elvis Duran and the Morning Zoo on new York"s Z100 radio.

"It renders me laugh," she said in respectable 2007. "We went with this whole experience and also it"s prefer I can"t even look at him the way."