has an additional contestant on NBC"s "Deal or No Deal." (Cathy Clark newly won $50,000 top top the show.)

Hayley Tucker, 19, was introTuckerduced on this week"s program and will proceed her quest to win large money in ~ 8 p.m. Monday.

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Tucker, a 2005 graduate the Clover Hill High institution who attends Lipscomb university in Nashville, was noticeable for her tennis outfit.

She claimed that throughout the audition process, she talked around her love the tennis, which she played competitively until she had to quit because of a heart problem.

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"Occasionally, they have people come on and also they perform special things -- choose there to be a NASCAR fan and all the situations had checkered flags," Tucker said. Tucker, that plans to deliver to Samford school of Pharmacy in Birmingham, Ala., saw Los Angeles in March to tape she episodes. She said many of she professors were OK with her lacking a pair of job of school.

"But it to be unfortunate timing because it to be a week prior to spring break. I had a ton that tests, and also I had actually to make them up as soon as I obtained back." -- Douglas Durden




~ 36 years, Innsbrook structure closes, to speak goodbye come Innsbrook after Hours, St. Paddy"s Palooza, Taste of Virginia and also other events

After 36 year of placing on occasions like Innsbrook after Hours, St. Paddy’s Palooza and Taste the Virginia, the Innsbrook foundation has closed.