Step aside, Peter Parker: There"s a brand-new Spider-Man authorized the Marvel Universe.

Since his development in 2011, the character miles Morales, the half-African-American, half-Latino variation of Spider-Man, has actually occupied Marvel"s Ultimate cosmos — a side realm of Marvel that reimagines miscellaneous superhero story lines. Yet after the conclusion the a substantial crossover occasion called mystery Wars, which look at this alternate universe destroyed, Morales will certainly be bringing his brand that web-slinging heroism come the tendency Marvel Universe.

"It won"t be mile is Spider-Man with an asterisk or some sort of adjective or adverb attached to it. He is going to it is in Spider-Man — just Spider-Man," claims writer Brian Michael Bendis, among the co-creators of miles Morales. "We believed that that blog post was as essential as something we"ve ever done."

As much as the comics go, Marvel has had a string of diversity shifts recently, with changes to Captain America, Ms. Marvel and Thor. Bendis speak NPR"s Arun Rath that being a component of this change in the comics universe has actually been a personal journey together well; 2 of his four kids are adopted, one African and also one African-American.

"You establish from a first seat the your kids do not have actually the very same representation and also things available to them together I did," Bendis says. "It"s not choose I was standing up and also said "I"m going come be an ext diverse in my writing," you simply become much more diverse because you realize things room needed."

Adhering come a famed Spider-Man adage — "With an excellent power comes good responsibility" — Bendis says that through the phase he contends Marvel, it"s partially his responsibility to develop work that represents what he think the civilization should look like.

Some movie critics have said that the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or MCU, has actually lagged behind the comic books when it concerns diversity, pointing come the current announcement the white actor Tom Holland would certainly don the mantle that the rebooted on-screen variation Spider-Man. Bendis is ~ above a committee the consults top top the Marvel movies, and also he looks at the comparison differently.

"The alters we"re do in the comics, several of them room 50 year old or older," he says, "whereas the Marvel Cinematic Universe has actually only been approximately since 2006. Even with that, over there is a lot of representation walking on."

Bendis cites the planned black color Panther and also Captain Marvel movies together examples, and the black personalities Falcon and also War machine playing integral parts in the MCU.

"I simply think the is the start of what"s to come," he says.

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DONALD GLOVER: (As miles Morales) OK, don"t freak out.


Step aside, Peter Parker.


GLOVER: (As mile Morales) My surname is mile Morales, and also I"m Spider-Man.

BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS: miles Morales is a half African-American, fifty percent Latino boy. Both his parents are alive, which, by the way, in comics is a an extremely unique thing, and also one that them"s not a villain.

RATH: That"s Brian Michael Bendis, one of the co-creators that the new Spider-Man. For a couple of years now, mile Morales has existed in the ultimate Marvel Universe, sort of a parallel people in the comics realm. This week, Marvel announced the Miles will be supported into the mainstream Marvel Universe.

BENDIS: So that won"t be Miles as Spider-Man v an asterisk. That is going to be Spider-Man, just Spider-Man. And we assumed that that article was as vital as anything we"ve ever done.

RATH: ns asked Brian Bendis how this new biracial Spider-Man was born.

BENDIS: A few years ago, we were all at Marvel, and we were sitting about a table talking around what us did right and what we did wrong and also what we would do in different way if given another chance. And also one the the things we talked around was this idea the Spider-Man in particular, if you yes, really look at his origin and his background, the there"s a good chance that he would have been a boy of color. And boy, wouldn"t it have actually been nice come be much more diverse in our depiction of these characters in a more contemporary time.

RATH: girlfriend know, it yes, really feels like comic publications right currently have end up being so much more diverse recently. I mean, the mrs Thor. There"s a Muslim teenage girl as Ms. Marvel. We have Miles as Spider-Man. I"ve obtained to call you, I"m thankful for this, friend know, because that my kids, growing up in a people like this. I"m wonder what does it feel prefer to be part of this vanguard?

BENDIS: Well, friend know, component of my an individual journey through every one of this is for i have 4 children, 2 of which space adopted, one of which is African and one of i m sorry is African-American. You establish from a very first seat that you - your children do not have the same representation and also things easily accessible to them that ns did as a white tiny man. And also you kind of just realize, also through simply osmosis - it"s not prefer I stand up and said I"m going to be an ext diverse in my writing. You just become much more diverse since you realize things are required and, you know, going back to the old Spider-Man mythos - with an excellent power comes great responsibility - if I"ve obtained this phase right currently at Marvel, climate it"s type of my duty to produce work the represents what ns think the civilization should it is in like.

RATH: Now, I recognize you"re on the comic book side, however I"ve obtained to asking you around the movie side because while points are good - all the stuff us talked about in the comic publication world - on the big screen, friend know, the Avengers are pretty white. The new Batman, Superman - white. And it looks choose the new Spider-Man is additionally going to it is in still white. Perform you feel choose Hollywood"s lagging behind?

BENDIS: I help consult top top the movies. I"m part of something dubbed the Marvel an imaginative Committee the reads every the drafts and sees all the cut of the movies. And, you know, the alters we"re do in the comics, friend know, some of them - some of these comics space 50 year old or older, and also so - whereas the Marvel Cinematic Universe has only been about since 2006.

So also with that, over there is a most representation walk on in the type of - they"ve already announced the black Panther movie and the Captain Marvel movie, i m sorry is a female-lead superhero movie that"s coming. So over there is a the majority of representation going on in those movies ideal now, and also I just think it"s the beginning of what"s to come.

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RATH: Brian Michael Bendis is a writer because that Marvel and the co-creator the the Spider-Man miles Morales. Brian, satisfied speaking with you. Thank you really much.