But honestly, Half-Life gamings have never had strong final boss fights. Nihilanth was simply "shoot crystals it spins they're gone, climate shoot brain". Opposing force had the Gene Worm which, as you said, yes, really was a permit down. Blue change didn't even have one. Half-Life 2 was just climbing a tower while getting shot at and preached come by the big bad, just so you have the right to shoot balls in ~ a target that never really looks choose you're doing damage to it. Illustration 1 is a Strider. And Episode 2 had a last battle, which functions a heck of a lot much better than any type of boss hit in the series and is in reality enjoyable and tense.

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Half life alyx had actually a fucking significant boss hit though v the strider and also Jeff kinda counts as a ceo fight and also that is among my favourite videogame chapters ever

The ceo fights in black color Mesa to be awesome, though. At the very least Crowbar collective managed to fix that.


There was a vast amount more of tounge and cheek creativity in OF, additionally hella much more violence in some situations as you had actually some hardass firefights. Especially the critical firefight through Black ops v. Aliens. For it to finish to the was disappointing.

So yeah... The last ceo was a letdown.

Honestly, the personality of Adrian Shepherd is way more cool and also would it is in a good story crutch/tie in because that the HL universe.

Le sigh.... What might of been.

Honestly i kinda choose the ending. That doesn't exactly tells you what's happening, yet from what's said and also shown, ns think Adrian was just abandoned in an additional dark people (since Xen ~ no as lot as a earth as much as a interdimensional fourway) which, for a badass man like Adrian, is such a pathetic and horrifying fate, that i love it

Yes I finally got about to finishing the game only 2 days back and assumed the same about the finish boss... Tho it was a an excellent getting over there :)

hl1’s ceo is additionally such a boring fight.

Shoot a little, gain teleported, shoot a little, get teleported, repeat

You deserve to avoid getting teleported if girlfriend hide behind rocks or through shooting under the portals through the hivehand (explosions additionally neutralize them however why would certainly anyone execute that as soon as you have actually bees).

I love that game however that boss is sooooo bad. I feel choose if they had made it take much less time ns would have actually been much more okay v it but it drags on forever and also gets really boring.

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