It to be a tragic main on the Coastside, through three shown reports the bodies that washed ashore in Moss Beach and also on Pescadero and San Gregorio state beaches. Mountain Mateo county Sheriff’s Office officials speak they have actually no reason to link the three deaths.

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The an initial was Stockton resident Florentino Suan Pasco Jr., whose body to be discovered roughly noontime top top Friday at san Gregorio Beach. Pasco was an initial reported lacking after he left his team at Tunitas Creek coast in the at an early stage morning ~ above June 24.

Sheriff"s deputies started a search for the man, that his friends believed went right into the water, yet they were unable to uncover him at the moment of his disappearance. The mountain Mateo county Harbor District and a U.S. Shore Guard helicopter aided in the search, i m sorry was dubbed off the afternoon.

At around 4:30 p.m. Top top Saturday, an additional body was recovered ~ above Wienke way at Julianna avenue in Moss Beach, san Mateo county Sheriff"s Office spokesperson Lt. Eamonn Allen said. He has due to the fact that been established as frank Gee, a 59-year-old mountain Francisco resident.

Around 1 p.m. Top top Sunday, a 3rd body was found near Pescadero State Beach and remains unidentified, follow to the Coroner’s Office. A Sheriff’s Office push release claims the human was clothed and also appeared come have remained in the water for part time.

The Coroner’s Office has actually yet to relax the cause of fatality for the three men, however Allen stated there go not appear to be a connection in between the 3 cases.

There was additionally a fatality on the water reported in Pacifica critical week. Pacifica Police to speak a Stanislaus County man drowned close to Pacifica Pier ~ above the evening of June 30. They claimed a tide knocked him out of a fishing boat that had run out of fuel.

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The san Mateo ar Coroner’s Office identified Kevin Kluball, 60, that Salida, in Stanislaus County, as the victim.


Weather forecasters room predicting a wet and wild weekend top top the mountain Mateo county coast. Thi…