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*A $10 parking fee will be assessed every vehicle. No admission fee or parking fee forced to shop.**Prices topic to applicable taxes


The agree Football hall of fame is opento the public. Learn more about our present safety precautions in location for Museum visitors. We space operatingunder ourFall/Winter hours: from 9 a.m. To 5p.m., 7 days a week.

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The agree Football room of fame is a world-renowned museum the represents its sport in many colorful and entertaining ways. The room of fame continually boosts its exhibits and also displays to provide guests with an immersive and experiential visit to “The Most motivating Place top top Earth!”




Learn around the different exhibits and also what the room of Fame needs to offer to its visitors.Want to recognize what's walk on at the HOF? inspect out our calendar the upcoming events.




Find out exactly how to acquire to the pro Football room of Fame and where come park as soon as you've arrived.

The Hall deserve to accommodate groups up come 325 because that day and evening events, seven days a week.



Click to download a digital variation of our visitor's map.


Enhance your endure with a VIP behind-the-scenes tourism or Insiders Tour. Check out our exhibits or archives with our very knowledgeable and also experienced staff. Even if it is you room a first-time visitor or long-time member, friend will obtain a new perspective top top the history of the Game and also context for the diversity of our collection and also exhibits.

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Are you prepared to endure America's premier sporting activities museum and showplace? It's much more than a museum -it's an interactive experience! The pro Football hall of reputation is a one-of-a-kind attraction because that students, seniorsand everyone in-between. Groups will reap over 118,000 square feet that awe-inspiring exhibits that present pro football's distinct story and also bring come life native such together courage, skill and dedication. Experience the passion and also energy of pro football in dynamic galleries that record the defining moments that football history and the thrills the today's game.

All tours are self-guided. The suggested tour length is 3 come 3 ½ hours.



The pro Football of call is close come everything! even if it is it's by wait or car, you have the right to easily find your method to America's Premier sporting activities Museum & Showplace.

Akron-Canton plane the main airport the the pro Football room of Fame, is located just 10 minutes far from the Hall. CAK provides the lowest mean fare of any kind of Ohio airport, and also is serviced daily by 4 of the largest domestic airlines, consisting of Southwest, United, Delta and American. Nonstop flights from big cities, and easy one-stops from practically anywhere in the U.S. Publication today to start your agree Football room of reputation Excursion.

Cleveland Hopkins airport is locatedone hour native the room of Fame and is serviced day-to-day by flights of major commercial airlines.

ParkingA $10 parking fee will certainly be charged every vehicle.

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No join fee or parking fee forced to shopBy Ordinance parking on streets is prohibited.


The Hall's cafe is currently re-open. It is open up to guests under ours fall/winter hours:Thursday - Monday: 11 am - 3PM (closed Tuesday and Wednesday)Vending open Daily: 9 am - 5 PM