The course of 2021 will certainly be inducted in Canton, Ohio thisAugust 2021, alongside the Centennial class of 2020. Two enshrinements over one colossal weekend.

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See the hall of fame Game, yellow Jacket Ceremony, course of 2020and course of 2021 Enshrinement Ceremonies, all in the city wherein the NFL was founded - Canton, Ohio! over there are numerous special events and celebrations continue in the Canton area throughout Pro Football hall of call Enshrinement week this year. See official events listed below, and find much more things continue in Canton end Enshrinement mainly on the fullVisit Canton event calendar.

Mask Policy: following CDC guidelines, masks space recommended for indoor events and also required on publicly transportation, including the parking shuttle buses.

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pro Football hall of Fame

A truly exhilarating museum and also exhibition center, the pro Football hall of call is the Ultimate destination for pan & Families.…

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your Insider’s overview to whatever Canton #PFHOF

July 2021- acquire ready for part football and celebrations in Canton, Ohio respectable 4-9, 2021! No issue what team girlfriend cheer for on the field, these celebrations carry people with each other for one reason: FOOTBALL.

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what’s Happening in Canton Enshrinement Week: Football. Household Fun. Music. Arts.

July 2021 - whether you room in town for agree Football room of fame Enshrinement Week it is provided by Johnson Controls or comes to check out Canton through family and also friends--you don"t have to ask what over there is to do; we have actually the finish list! examine out whatever that is continue in Canton and surrounding neighborhoods August 4-9, 2021.

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Enshrinement Week powered by Johnson Controls: Parking & transportation

August 2021 - Parking, shuttles, windy transportation, and also other info for getting approximately Canton, Ohio during Enshrinement Week it is provided by Johnson Controls.

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Canton very first Friday: uncover Out What’s walking On!

December 2021 -- The monthly celebration event of art, music, neighborhood businesses, and also restaurants in the Canton art District will be celebrated on Friday, December third from 6 to 10 PM. Shop tiny this holiday season, for this reason head downtown for a night out and also finish her holiday shopping.

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Fan Packages because that Enshrinement Week

Fan packages for the 2021 Enshrinement Week powered by Johnson Controls are available! A variety of main Fan Packages administer fans through VIP experiences, premium seating, and also parties through Gold coat appearances.