Six Flags’ newest ride, “Justice League: battle for Metropolis”, opens up this weekend. It provides state-of-the-art an innovation to placed riders in the center of the action."data-ellipsis="false">

Think you have actually what it takes to be a superhero? six Flags end Texas" newest journey will provide you a chance to prove yourself.

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The highly anticipated "Justice League: fight for Metropolis" supplies state-of-the-art an innovation to immerse riders in an activity packed hit between good and evil.

"This is a civilization class dark ride," said Jim Hall, a theme park enthusiast and also ride expert. "It"s one of a kind."

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and also The green Lantern join park staff, the media and also other VIP guests Tuesday to reduced the ribbon top top the ride, which opens up to the general public on Saturday.


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"We wanted to carry a high top quality ride to 6 Flags over Texas that would have the ability to bring households together," stated Steve Martindale, chairman of 6 Flags over Texas. "Roller coasters room great. Yet not anyone loves roller coasters. There are civilization that would rather do something else that"s fun and thrilling however doesn"t go means up in the air. This ride certainly delivers that."

As riders go into the room of Justice, they discover supervillains Lex Luthor and also The Joker have kidnapped several members of the Justice league as component of one evil plan to take end the city.

Equipped through 3D glasses and also laser guns, riders then team up v Batman and Superman to save the day.

The ride vehicles twist and also turn 360 degrees, together they bring riders to more than a dozen interactive, 3D displays where they knife points by hitting the negative guys. Riders also encounter life-size animatronics and special effects.

"You also get the fire elements and also the fog," claimed Hall. "Six Flags really pulled the end all the stop on this one."

The ride was designed by Sally Manufacturing, i m sorry has created attractions for template parks across the world, including Universal Studios Orlando. Lock partnered v Oceaneering and also Alterface to bring the ride come life.

A famous blog dubbed Theme Park Insider called Justice League: battle for Metropolis the most anticipated brand-new attraction that 2015. The take trip Channel likewise highlighted the ride on its list of the best amusement park rides in 2015.

"Based on everything I"m hearing from every solitary person the gets off , we"re walk to accomplish that expectation," said Martindale.

Riders with whom NBC 5 spoke Tuesday had an excellent things come say.

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"I don"t favor roller coasters, yet that journey is amazing," said Kay Webb, who lives in Arlington. "It was an extremely fun."

Six Flags over Texas Gold happen Holders will be able to check out the drive on Thursday, and also all season happen holders have the right to experience the on Friday before the journey officially opens Saturday.