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Rocking a black and also purple Elie Saab dress, v a sheer, see-through skirt, Berry"s flawless figure and fit physique were on full display as she to walk the red carpet in London, England, on Monday.

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ET"s Carly Steel recorded up v Berry in ~ the star-studded event, and also the 51-year-old actress opened up around how the felt to be in the U.K. Because that the premiere the the long-awaited sequel come the struggle spy flick.

"I"ve to be a big fan of these sort of movies," the Oscar winner said of the action-packed comedy. "I remained in a movie, and also that Royal premiere is one of the fondest storage of my career. So, to be earlier here in London for another premiere that"s same as unique is yes, really exciting."

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The film -- which is the follow-up come the 2015 hit,Kingsman: The secret Service -- has actually been obtaining a lot of praise from critics and fans alike, and also Berry claims she"s heard nothing yet love from everyone who"s seen it.

"Unless lock weren"t being honest with me, ns haven"t watched one human that said they just didn"t love it! the it to be a good, fun ride," she said.

NEWS: do Berry Wows v Low-Cut Ensemble at 'Kingsman' TIFF Premiere Party

Berry join returning stars Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, Sophie Cookson and Mark Strong, as well as fellow freshman Julianne Moore, Jeff Bridges, Pedro Pascal and Channing Tatum.

ET recorded up with Tatum in ~ this summer"s san Diego Comic-Con, wherein the actor revealed the he was so worried the an initial time that met Berry on set, he didn"t even know what to say. Examine out the video clip below to hear more.

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Kingsman: The gold Circle hit theaters Sept. 22.

Comic-Con 2017: how Channing Tatum unpleasant Himself as soon as He Met 'Kingsman' Co-Star do Berry!

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