A couple of weeks ago, I made decision I wanted to understand who the Hallmarkies favourite fictional couples were. So, ns took a poll on mine Twitter and on the Offical Hallmark Channel Fan facebook group and also asked that everyone’s top 5 fictional couples were in hopes to gain a range of responses. My goal to be to acquire 100 responses and also I obtained 99. Woot woot!

When I started calculating the results, ns realized there was one disadvantage— the height six couples to be from series. Of course they would be the top couples because as stories develop over years, we end up being so invested in these couples. There’s an ext of an emotional attachment than once we check out a pair in a movie and they live their happily ever before after once the movie wraps.

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I chose that I would certainly break this right into two posts. Today, ns sharing the top ten fictional couples native Hallmark movies. Wednesday, ok be sharing the height ten fictitious couples indigenous Hallmark series (and I’ve considered a series is 3 or much more installments).

Before we gain started— any type of guesses as to who the optimal ten favourite fictional couples are?

Let’s gain started!


Nick and Molly fromThe Perfect Bride and also The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells

Starring: Kavan Smith and also Pascale Hutton


Former marriage counselor turn trainer, Molly provides yoga and also advice to couples in she “Bridal and Marriage boots Camps.” Her friend Nick is in the exact same happy watercraft as a previous wedding photographer. Each is afraid of repeating previous mistakes by seek perfection but they remember the nothing really matters other than their perfect love.

If you love Nick and also Molly indigenous The Perfect Bride and Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells, you’ll additionally love them in Hallmark’s struggle series, once Calls the Heart!

You’ll additionally enjoy Kavan blacksmith in Wedding Bells ( through Danica McKellar) and also Hello, it’s Me (with Kellie Martin). Kavan’s newest movie Love ~ above the Menu, with loss Reeser, premieres in simply a couple of weeks.

If you want to see an ext of Pascale Hutton, you can see she in Summer the Dreams and Wedding of desires (starring Debbie Gibson). Pascale theatre Debbie’s sister and also it’s a certainly a funny dynamic.

Colin and Alex native Pearl in Paradise

Starring Jill Wagner and Kris Polaha


Alex really hopes to be an imaginative Director of she magazine if she photographs the blue pearl Colin wrote about in Pearl in Paradise. He really hopes that by creating a guest post he’ll rise his failing sales. The two decide to keep trying to find the rarely pearl in Fiji, neither aware yet that finding true love can just be the rarest adventure that all!

Most recently, Jill Wagner and Kris Polaha have actually starred with each other in mystery 101, which i really enjoyed! i’m hoping it it s okay picked up as a series, due to the fact that I really enjoyed their chemistry.

You can see Jill Wagner in Christmas in Evergreen: letter to Santa, Maggie’s Christmas Miracle, Christmas Cookies, and also Autumn Dreams. Kris Polaha has actually starred in small Town Christmas, Rocky mountain Christmas, mind of Christmas, and also the Dater’s Handbook.

NINE || Corey and Tyler indigenous Season because that Love

Starring Marc Blucas and also Autumn Reeser

It’s to be years because Tyler and Corey witnessed each other, and also now they’re both earlier home contending in Red Rock’s annual BBQ cook-off. It could be the warm of competition, but sparks have actually really been flying between these two. While no one is sure who’ll win the cook-off, it can just be every one of Red Rock.

Marc Blucas has starred in miss out on Christmas, procedure Christmas, and also The Irresistable Blueberry Farm.

Autumn Reeser is no stranger come Hallmark as she has starred in multiple movie, including A Bramble house Christmas, Valentine ever After, A nation Wedding and also more. Hernewest movie, Love ~ above the Menu, opposite of Kavan Smith, is coming out at the end of the month.

EIGHT || Zachary and also Marilee native Nine lives of Christmas

Starring Brandon Routh and also Kimberley Sustad

“With Christmas approaching, a handsome fireman fear of commitment adopts a stray cat and also meets a beautiful veterinary student who challenges his decision to stay a confirmed bachelor.”

Nine resides of Christmasseem to be a Hallmarkie favorite and rightfully so! It’s definitely a fun movie if girlfriend haven’t seen it yet. Kimberley Sustad freshly starred in A Godwink Christmas through Paul Campbell. She additionally appeared briefly in Chesapeake Shores (season 3).

SEVEN || Gage and Madison (Welcome to Christmas)

Starring Eric Mabius and also Jennifer Finnigan


“Sheriff Gage McBride and the inhabitants of tiny Christmas, Colorado work to convince will developer Madison lane to construct her company’s newest will nearby, i beg your pardon will save the struggling town. Workaholic Madison finds herself falling because that the charming town, as well as the kind and handsome widowed sheriff.”

The POstables are a force with their support for Eric Mabius! Eric has starred in how to loss in Love and is the leading male in the Hallmark movies hit series, Signed, Sealed, Delivered. Jennifer Finnigan has actually starred in wade the Dog and also Angel of Christmas.


Morgan and Jen from many Wonderful Time of the Year

Starring Brooke Burns and Warren Christie


“When a single mom who wants nothing however for Christmas to more than finds herself intrigued by a weary traveler she eccentric uncle brings home throughout the holidays, his curious antics cause her to inquiry her very own life?”

If you like the secret movies, you’ll choose Brooke Burns in the Gourmet Detective series. She is likewise in Christmas Connection and Undercover Bridesmaid.

Aiden and Jessie from A Bride for Christmas

Starring Andrew Walker and also Arielle Kebbel


“A gambling brings together a three-time bride-to-be (Arielle Kebbel) and a chronically single charmer (Andrew Walker) because that an unanticipated Christmas romance.”

Arielle Kebbel and also Andrew Walker likewise starred with each other in Bridal Wave. Andrew Walker is among the queens of Hallmark and also has showed up in many movies consisting of Love in Design, Wedding in march 4, My an enig Valentine, Love to win Cafe, the Perfect Catch, and many others. He additionally had a short stint on as soon as Calls the love in season one as the infamous Billy Hamilton.

FIVE || Ben and Cara from One Winter Weekend and One Winter Proposal

Starring Jack Turner and Taylor Cole


“Cara and also Ben go back to the resort where they fell in love a year earlier. Lock invite her friend Megan, hope she’ll reconnect v Ben’s girlfriend Sean, currently the resort’s doctor. Throughout the pilgrimage Cara finds a jewelry receipt, leading she to mean a proposal from Ben, yet a misunderstanding may ice his plan.”

These movies are absolutely on my DVR to watch and also I plan to perform so this weekend! Jack Turner and also Taylor Cole to be paired up previously for my Summer Prince. Taylor Cole was freshly the star of the Ruby Herring an enig that newly premiered. She additionally starred in Falling for You, Christmas Festival that Ice, Christmas in Homestead and The art of Us

FOUR || Emily and Henry native Love in ~ the Thanksgiving day Parade

Starring Antonio Cupo and also Autumn Reeser

“As Chicago gears up because that its annual Thanksgiving work parade, an passionate parade coordinator is shocked once a wealthy brand-new development consultant is carried in to analyze the parade’s finances. Confronted with the challenge of to teach him that the parade means so much an ext to her 보다 dollar signs, she suddenly finds it s her reluctantly falling because that him.”

Antonio Cupo and also Autumn Reeser starred with each other in i Do, i Do, i Do.Antonio Cupo to be a guest ~ above the Garage revenue Mystery: Pandora’s box (a super funny one) and also In mine Dreams. He likewise starred inFor far better or because that Worse,

THREE || Donovan Darcy and also Elizabeth Scott indigenous Unleashing Mr. Darcy and Marrying Mr. Darcy

Starring Ryan Paevey and also Cindy Busby

“Blissfully in love and newly involved to the handsome, wealthy Donovan Darcy, schoolteacher Elizabeth Scott looks front to to plan a tiny autumn consciousness with help of she mother, sister and also fiancé. Offered their different backgrounds and temperaments, Elizabeth can’t assist but questioning herself: should she yes, really marry Mr. Darcy?”

If friend love dogs and the Pride and also Prejudice storyline, you’ll love the Unleashing Mr. Darcy story. That a fun and quirky rotate on the original Pride and Prejudice. You can likewise read my review on Marrying Mr. Darcy here.

Cindy Busby is no stranger to Hallmark as she has appeared in Season 4 of once Calls the Heart and also a couple of episodes the Cedar Cove. She likewise starred in imperial Hearts. Ryan Paevey was simply in hope at Christmas and also Harvest Love.

TWO || Harold and also Annie from exactly how to fall in Love

Starring Eric Mabius and also Brooke D’Orsay


“Still experiencing from the ugly-duckling syndrome the branded his youth, Harold White (Eric Mabius) rental Annie Hayes (Brooke D’Orsay), the well-known girl he had a to like on in high college to it is in his personal dating coach and aid him shed his wallflower technique to romance?”

As discussed earlier, Eric Mabius fans will love the in Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel’sSigned, Sealed, Delivered and also the abovementioned Welcome to Christmas.

Brooke D’Orsay has recently starred through Daniel Lissing in Christmas In Love. She was additionally in Miss Christmas and also June in January.

And finally…*drumroll* the number ONE stated favorite couple is…

ONE || Seth and Layla native A December Bride

Starring Daniel Lissing and also Jessica Lowndes

Aspiring inner designer Layla O’Reilly is dreading the Christmastime wedding of she cousin who’s marrying Layla’s ex-fiancé. Back Seth Murphy is the one responsible for presenting the bride and groom, she begrudgingly accepts his sell to be her day as she’s the end of options. Seth gets carried away at the reception and announces they’re engaged, forcing a mortified Layla to keep up the pretense. Yet as the faux pair spends much more time with each other they uncover themselves feeling something an extremely real. Based on the publication by bestselling author Denise Hunter.

I can not blame the Hallmarkies for naming Seth and also Jessica together the number one Hallmark movie pair of all time! December Bride was such a funny movie and who doens’t love Daniel Lissing and Jessica Lowndes?

If girlfriend aren’t acquainted with Daniel Lissing, friend can find in him together Mountie Jack inWhen call the heart (Seasons 1-5). As pointed out earlier, he likewise starred in Christmas In Love with Brooke D’Orsay.

Jessica Lowndes starred in funny Matrimony through Christopher Russell, magical Christmas accessories with Brendan Penny, and also most freshly Christmas at Pemberley Manor v Michael Rady. Jessica was in Yes, I perform last summer together well.

I had actually so lot fun hearing from different Hallmarkies and also my interest in several of these movies have actually piqued. A couple of of my favourite couples not stated here incorporate Molly and also Ryan indigenous The Bridge, Sam and Heath from possibility at Romance, Lacey and also Zach from Falling because that You, Molly and Nick native Wedding Bells (the Kavan/Danica movie, no to be perplexed with The Perfect Bride).

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Who room your favorites? room there any kind of couples not mentioned that surprised you? let me recognize in the comment or send me a tweet

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My optimal 10 Hallmark Couples10. Colin and Alex (Pearl in Paradise)9. Corey and also Tyler (Season because that Love)8. Zachary and also Marilee (The Nine stays of Christmas)7. Bradley and also Sarah (A country Wedding)6. Donovan and also Elizabeth (Unleashing Mr. Darcy)5. Henry and Helen (Very, really Valentine)4. Elliot and Cassie (Winter Love Story)3. Ben and Cara (One Winter Weekend)2. Brian and also Jenny (All of my Heart)1. Seth and also Layla (A December Bride)