When call the heart Season 8 may be over, yet there are still an ext stories come tell in hope Valley. Hallmark Channel has renewed the popular duration drama for a ninth season, collection star Erin Krakow announced throughout the season 8 finale on might 9. 

When call the love Season 8 finale, “The Kiss.”> 

‘When phone call the Heart’ will certainly return following year 

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Krakow — who has actually played teacher Elizabeth Thornton (originally Elizabeth Thatcher) top top the show due to the fact that its 2014 premiere — do the regeneration announcement during the When phone call the love Season 8 finale. 

“Hey Hearties! I’ve gained some big news,” Krakow said. “Now, I’m simply as sad together you are that this season of When call the heart is over, however we’ll be returning following year for one more all-new season, season 9.”

“So, what’s following for Elizabeth and also the remainder of hope Valley? We’ve got so many an excellent new story to share,” she added.

What’s following in expect Valley?

From a new newspaper come a secret patent, transforms are keep going in expect Valley! #Hearties who execute you think should be the town’s next mayor? pic.twitter.com/tL7My3ZZdn

— Hallmark Channel (
hallmarkchannel) may 10, 2021

So what could Hallmark have actually in keep for following season? the too at an early stage to say, but the show collection up many of interesting possibilities in the season 8 finale, “The Kiss.”

For one, currently that Elizabeth has ultimately chosen Lucas (Chris McNally) over Nathan (Kevin McGarry), we’ll get to see the next stage in that long-gestating relationship. As for Nathan, fine likely get to see just how he moves on ~ heartbreak. The finale hinted in ~ a possible connection between him and also Faith (Andrea Brooks), though it’s tough to say whether that will blossom right into a full-blown romance. 

Meanwhile, Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) and also Lee (Kavan Smith) room making transforms in your life together she embarks top top a career together a newspaper editor, while that considers a run for mayor. However, Lee might have part competition, as number of other civilization have indicated they setup to do a run for the position. 


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Hickam (Ben Rosenbaum) and Fiona (Kayla Wallace) have large plans for Gowen Petroleum, while bill (Jack Wagner) seems all set to reopen the investigation right into the mine disaster. Bill and also Molly (Johannah Newmarch) could take their flirtation come the next level, while we may see sparks between Hickam and also Fiona, too. 

And climate there’s the issue of Wyman Walden (Wesley Salter), Spurlock (Paul Lazenby) and the Pinkertons, and also the world who room planning to build a factory exterior of hope Valley. Plus, Elizabeth’s under push to join the regional school district as enrollment in ~ the Jack Thornton college rises, a adjust she’s resisting.

Are young name Cummins, Paul Greene leaving ‘When call the Heart’?

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It’s feasible there could be some When call the love cast alters in season 9, though nothing official has been announced. 

Season 8 finished with Carson Shepherd (Paul Greene) and Henry Gowen (Martin Cummins) both leaving hope Valley. Carson to be heading to Baltimore to complete a fellowship at Johns Hopkins. Gowen’s destination wasn’t clear, though it to be strongly hinted he to be planning to uncover Abigail (Lori Loughlin), that left city in season 6. 

It’s possible both Carson and also Gowen’s will return to Hope Valley, especially because there is usually a time jump in between When phone call the heart seasons. Part fans are hoping the Gowen in certain will be back, and also that the may bring Abigail with him. However, there’s also a possibility those departures room permanent.

For now, various other When calls the love cast members to speak they space looking front to following season. 

“There are lots of stories come tell,” McGarry told Entertainment Tonight. “The method that we ended season 8 opens up for multiple stories and taking the present in one exciting brand-new direction and also yeah, I’m pumped.”