A the majority of the ideal things in life come in groups of five, and they can provide you some good costume ideas! The Jackson 5, because that example, had five members. (Ben Folds five didn’t, but they were still good.) other notables: the high-five, 5 senses, the number of piano concertos by Beethoven, the five-second rule, the Olympic rings and also the movie The fifth Element. Another great thing that can come in a team of five? Halloween costumes! below are some Halloween costumes for groups of 5.

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1. Video game of Thrones Costumes


Jon SnowDaenerysWildling CostumeAryaCersei

Who will certainly sit on the steel Throne in your team of five? will certainly it pat out prefer the TV collection or will certainly you do it the ending you wanted? No issue which residence you’re rooting for, you’ll be able to find a character to represent. Obtain your video game of Thrones group Halloween costumes right below at buzzpatterson.com! You"ll feel exceptional no matter where friend go, even if it is you"re cosplaying together a team at a nerdy convention or blowing far the competition at a Halloween party.

2. Addams family Costumes


Cousin IttWednesdayPugsleyMorticiaGomez

If you want a family members of 5 Halloween costumes, you should definitely arrangement to it is in the Addams family for at least one year. (Make it happen!) We have actually Addams family members costumesfor everyone, therefore no one need to feel left out as part of this group costume idea. Must you have to adjust, you deserve to always add Lurch or also Thing T. Thing right into the mix through a funny hand costume. Just don"t it is in surprised when other party guests begin singing her theme song out loud!

3. Harry Potter Costumes


BellatrixDraco MalfoyLuna LovegoodHarry PotterSirius Black

Your letter to hogwart has ultimately arrived! seize your best pals and make the famed trio—Harry, Ron, and also Hermione—and then throw in a pair of other characters to fill out your harry Potter team of five costumes. Native Harry to He Who need to Not be Named, you’ll have endless selections of which team you desire to be. A family of five can additionally easily take it on a bother Potter theme. Just turn the parents into professors and also the youngsters into the students and you have actually your an extremely own hogwarts class!

4. Star wars Costumes


The MandalorianBaby YodaReyC-3POPrincess Leia

Star Wars is among those group costumes because that 5 that will never flourish old. So numerous movies and characters to pick from. So even if it is you’re one old Star wars fan or a new one, from Leia and also Han come the newer Rey and Din Djarin, it will certainly be easy to find Star wars costumesfor a group of 5 world that everyone have the right to enjoy.

5. Superhero Costumes


Harley QuinnMiles Spider-ManLavagirlBatmanStorm
ThorWonder WomanBlack PantherBlack WidowDeadpool

A superhero theme deserve to fit with plenty of group costume ideas. Relying on what watch you’re walking for, your team of five personalities can be sexy or strong, crime-fighting or trouble-causing. You deserve to even select to align yourselves v some renowned superhero groups like the Avengers, justice League, X-Men, teenager Titans and others. Every little thing you pick, her costume will be memorable. Walk out through a group of every your male buddies or make a ladies" night. All these superhero costumes look an excellent together, therefore any combination will work.

6. The Incredibles Costumes


Mr. IncredibleVioletJack JackDashMrs. Incredible

Still hunting for Halloween costume ideas for groups of 5? Don"t forget about the well known Disney superheroes, The Incredibles! The Incredibles space a superb costume idea because that a family of five! five characters, 5 costumes. What could be easier? Your household will be super this Halloween—superhuman the is.

7. Stranger points Costumes


DemogorgonStevePunk ElevenJim HopperEleven

With Stranger Things being so successful, friend can always find a team of 5 who desires to relive every season. Specifically that first season…after all, Barb was the ideal character, right? you can also make it an Upside Down-themed party! This team of Halloween costumes is certain to be a hit everywhere you go.

8. Pokemon Costumes



Pokémon first came out in 1998 and has impacted both adults and also kids alike. Relive her childhood and also dress your family members up as your favorite Pokémon personalities in this nostalgic Pokémon costumes. Your kids will love shooting hyper beams or shocking your friends through a thunderbolt—okay possibly not really, but they"ll have fun pretending to!

9. Popular music Star Costumes


MadonnaLady GagaCyndi LauperSalt n PepaBritney Spears

What much better way to continue to be in a funny character this Halloween than to dress as five fabulous pop stars? because that this group costume idea, you need to probably pick a party with karaoke. There are tons of different Halloween costumes for adults and music divas to pick from, native 80s singers choose Madonna to sexy popular music stars choose Lady Gaga, so everyone in your group of 5 can get their way. Don’t forget a mic!

10. Scooby-Doo Costumes



Grown-ups have permission to prefer cartoons, too. Really. If you’re a quintet that animation-loving adults, you can want to think about celebrating the holiday together the personalities from Scooby-Doo. Dressed together Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne and also Velma, your team of 5 costumes will be prepared to solve any kind of mystery. This is likewise a fun dress-up idea for work since you will be instantly recognizable. To add you’ll be super comfortable due to the fact that you won"t have to worry around wearing wings, other ago accessories, a cap or a mask all day! examine out our Scooby-Doo costumes online, but you"ll have to supply your very own Scooby Snacks in ~ home.

11. Strength Rangers Costumes


Blue RangerPink RangerRed RangerYellow RangerGreen Ranger

Go go strength Rangers! This standard superhero group constantly looks sharp in their color-coded uniforms. (Not to point out that there space a few other characters such together the black color Ranger and White Ranger have to you prefer among those power Rangers costumes!) This functional Halloween costume team idea would certainly fit in well nearly everywhere. Comic-Con? an excellent cosplay ideas. What around a 90s te party? They really hit their heyday in the 90s. Superheroes? We"d speak they qualify. If you"re mulling this idea over, take it indigenous us—it"s worth it!

12. Scary Movie Costumes


Michael MyersSadakoKids" ScreamCarriePennywise

In fear films, there is usually just one bad guy. If friend grab five friends and go as notorious movie baddies, there will be safety and security in numbers. Well, maybe not for various other party-goers! Wanna play? Forever and also ever? Then go ahead and find an ext scary costumes and also props because that your fear movie group!

13. Forest animal Costumes



Feel choose going as pets with your team of five this year, however still desire to it is in original? girlfriend don’t need to go together the continuous old cat or bunny! shot some of these cute critter costumes. This Halloween will be the very first time you"ll hear, "Aww! look at at that handsome skunk!" Don’t forget to encompass your best friend come act as the rascally squirrel. Even families can gain in top top the fun v this one, due to the fact that kids love animals!

14. Safari pet Costumes


GiraffeLeopardOstrichLionPlus size Hyena

Another pet theme you can go with is safari animals. Picture all the combine you might create. Lions, tigers, leopards, giraffes…the list goes on! who doesn’t want an ostrich as their dad? These family costumes because that 5 are sure to satisfy your pride.

15. The wizard of Oz Costumes


ScarecrowTin ManDorothyLionBrick Road

Did you think the characters from wizard of Oz were just for a group of four people? Think again! You have the right to all be good guys in this group Halloween costume idea for 5 party-goers—just add the Yellow Brick Road! It"s the most influential function in the entirety group: if you’re boring at one bar, you deserve to head to the door and also they’ll all have to follow you out!

16. Alice in Wonderland Costumes


Mad HatterKing of HeartsCheshire CatPlus size Queen the HeartsAlice

Off v their heads! pick out 5 awesome Alice in Wonderland personalities for Halloween this year. Every human being (or creature!) in this classic story has such a distinct and also fun personality – you’ll all have a blast! want a fun alternate to a classic Halloween party? Croquet!

17. The Flintstones Costumes



This Halloween, travel earlier in time come the era of dinosaurs, woolly mammoths, and cavemen. If your group of five is really into The Flintstones, it would be perfect for a layout party. These are some straightforward character costume concepts that room instantly recognizable and also comfortable! offer up part Brontosaurus burgers, or if you’re emotion a tiny less-than-ambitious, some Fruity Pebbles. Either way, just have actually fun. Yabba Dabba Doo!

18. Care Bears Costumes


Tenderheart BearFunshine BearGrumpy BearCheer BearGood lucky Bear

Care Bears is a classic TV display with an endless variety of characters to choose from, so it’s perfect for any large group Halloween costume ideas! these costumes will keep you warm and also cozy at any type of event. Watch out for Bed Time Bear, for this reason he doesn’t obtain too comfy and also fall asleep!

19. At sight Mario Costumes


MarioPrincess PeachBowserWarioLuigi

Be the speak of the Mushroom Kingdom v your Mario-themed team of 5 Halloween costumes. Reminisce about your favourite go-kart monitor (definitely not Rainbow Road) or act the end your favorite Mario Party game! anyone loves a good retro Nintendo game, so odds are, you’ll be the talk of the party in these Nintendo costumes!

20. Smurfs Costumes


Papa SmurfToddler SmurfSmurfetteToddler SmurfetteSmurf

Get prepared to have actually the ideal smurfing costume this year! You and your 4 other Smurfs will look great all in blue. Dad will make the perfect Papa Smurf, have any girls be Smurfettes, and the rest of you deserve to smurf the night away together the rest of the Smurf gang!

21. Dinosaur Costumes


PaleontologistBaby VelociraptorTriceratopsPterodactylPlus dimension T-Rex

For those locations where it’s colder, try dinosaur costumes! this full-body suit costumes will save you nice and also toasty. No meteor toasty however you acquire the picture. You have the right to all go together the huge bad T-Rex or everyone can pick a different dinosaur.

22. Toy Story Costumes


RexBo PeepBuzz LightyearJessieWoody

Howdy, howdy, howdy! memory this year’s Halloween through dressing as characters from Pixar’s first feature film. Toy Story has constantly been a classic, however thanks to the release of the fourth movie in the trilogy, there has been lot of of renewed interest. Pick your favorite character or your most-loved toy. Either way, your group of 5 will be very popular to infinity and beyond!

23. Liquid Costumes


Sour job KidsJolly RancherCandy CornGumball MachineSwedish Fish

Trick-or-treat! Indulge your sweet tooth at your party this year. Don’t simply eat the candy, live it! Celebrate your favorite part of Halloween through letting everyone recognize which treat you favor with a liquid costume. Have actually fun, but don’t eat too lot or you’ll finish up through a ship ache!

24. 80s Diva Costumes


FlashdanceValley GirlMichael JacksonVirgin PopstarSpace Superstar

Don the 80s popular music diva costume and also gather 4 friends to be her clamoring, adoring fans. Strike your fiercest synth-pop pose and hit those high notes as the queen the the 80s, then watch the crowd walk wild! The biggest challenge of this group of 5 80s costume is selecting who gets to be the popular music star and also who has to be the fans.

25. Roman and also Greek Costumes


Gladiator MaximusPlus size TogaRoman WarriorChild TogaAdult Toga

Whether you walk all out through the centurion or gladiator costume, or keep it low-key through the Caesar or men’s toga, you and your friends will certainly be a hit at the next party v a standard Roman and Greek team of five costume. Caesar can dominion justly or with an stole fist—with his centurion enforcer by his side—while the toga-clad man regulates the Olympian warrior to fight. The possibilities for stories are countless with this team of 5 costume idea.

26. Roman and Greek God Costumes



Dominate the Earthly realm with this idea because that a group of 5 costume for you and your friends. Conference up her friends and also dress up together Medusa, a Minotaur, classic Goddess, Neptune or Zeus. Combined, friend will form an Avengers-style team of few of the biggest Roman and also Greek gods. Throw lightning bolts at the humans or bless them through a bountiful harvest once you dress up with friends together your favorite roman or Greek god.

27. Classic Horror Monster Costumes


Frankenstein"s MonsterVampireWerewolfMummyInvisible Man

Today’s masked monsters are cool and all, but they’ve gained nothing on the classic monsters from horror’s past. Gather up your friends and enter the party together the coolest classic monsters like the invisible man, mummy, werewolf, vampire and also Frankenstein"s monsterwith this terrifying team of five costumes. Show these rookie monsters that came very first with this team of five standard horror monster set.

28. Primitive Costumes


CavewomanCavemanWooly MammothCavegirlCave Woman

Practice your ideal swing through a wooden club and become the party’s an initial family that prehistory. This team of five costume attributes a caveman, cavewoman, toddler, child, and also even a woolly mammoth come chase about the punch bowl! Grunt and growl your way through the party this Halloween with a funny prehistoric household group of five costume.

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29. Sesame Street Costumes


ElmoOscar the GrouchBig BirdCookie MonsterCount

Sesame Street first aired earlier in 1969, so the is safe to say the many human being grew up watching the show. The fact that the show appeals come adults and kids alike provides this a perfect idea because that a Halloween costume because that a household of five. Moms, dads and also kids deserve to pick from every the classic personalities to choose their favorite for Halloween night.

30. Reservation Costumes


Colonel MustardMiss ScarletMr. GreenMrs. WhiteProfessor Plum

Few board games have made an impression on us as deep together Clue. It had actually a Hollywood movie, has had plenty of editions and there space those of us that love it so lot that we placed on our own live clue games. Whether you"re considering a game of live Clue you yourself or you merely want an excellent Halloween costume idea that"s not completely worn out, these Clue costume ideas are good for teams of 5 people!

Still need much more inspiration? Our team costumes section has countless different categories to look with to assist you make your last decision!