I love Target and if you carry out too, ns am going to offer you one an ext reason come love them… Target is releasing Halloween Costumes because that Kids In Wheelchairs this year and also it simply brings my love pure joy.

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Target has actually a yes, really cool selection of Halloween costumes made simply for kids in wheel chairs. They are calling this repertoire the ‘Adaptive Costume Collection’.

Adaptive Costume Collection

As of right now, they have two options, one for boys and also one because that girls.

The young costume is a Boys’ Adaptive Pirate Costume Collection and comes in two different pieces. One is the costume and also one is the details for the wheelchair bringing the whole costume to life.

According to the description, the costumes is made for easy wear.

“This boys’ pirate costume is thoughtfully designed with openings in the back that lend ease of dressing, together with leg openings the are vast enough to put the pants on while maintaining shoes top top — perfect for giving children who usage wheelchairs one extra hand and a feeling of comfort. “

The wheelchair cover additionally easily attaches come the wheelchair.

“This Halloween wheelchair costume is designed come look just like a pirate ship, complete with complex detailing and also a black Jolly roger flag for authentic flair — that even includes decorative covers because that the wheels that look prefer waves because that a complete finish. A simple way to dress up most sizes that wheelchairs, that can conveniently be attached utilizing the hook-and-loop closures for a secure fit, and he’ll love having actually a coordinating accessory that’ll walk perfectly well with the Pirate Inclusive Halloween Costume native Hyde and also Eek! Boutique™.”‘

The girl costume is a Girls’ Adaptive Princess Halloween Costume Collection.

Much like the guys costume, it comes in 2 different pieces. One costume and also one decoration because that the wheelchair.

According to the description the costume:

This girls’ pink princess costume is thoughtfully designed v an opening in the earlier that lends ease of dressing, great for giving kids who use wheelchairs one extra hand and a feeling of comfort.

According to the description:

“This Halloween wheelchair costume is designed to look similar to a princess carriage, with a purple-blue and also gray shade scheme adorned with intricately thorough scrollwork — it even consists of decorative covers because that the wheelchair because that a finish finish. A simple way to dress up most sizes the wheelchairs, the can conveniently be attached utilizing the hook-and-loop closures because that a secure fit, and she’ll love having actually a coordinating crown come wear for a delightfully enchanting look.”

I surely hope this is the first of these costumes come come due to the fact that this is together an exceptional thing to offer kids and also parents.

Way to walk Target!

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What children Halloween costumes are on your list this year?

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