You favor to take trip in a pack, have your creative thinking stand out, and look stylish ~ above Halloween. You might dress up as a Harry Potter character (we poll Luna Lovegood!) or choose a group costume and go as the cast of Grease, yet this year, you desire something even more… inspired. Stay an innovative and adventurous with among these 52 teen Halloween costume ideas.

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1. Big Bird: combine our love the feathers with Sesame Street? Yes, please. Plus, that large Bird confront is just too much (in a good way). (via + Co)

Creative & cute Halloween costumes because that teens

2. Forest Fairy: to be you examining for a mathematics test and also didn"t have actually time to shop for a costume? litter on your ideal wig, wings, and also crown (or, far better yet, pet ears) for an soon cool look that goes with any outfit. (via + Co)

3. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: This costume is an evident top contender for any teen. Hello, the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles were teenagers themselves! (via + Co)

4. Piñata and also the birthday Girl: This is just crazy creative if we do say therefore ourselves. (via + Co)

5. Flamingo: You understand what they always say: Halloween is the ideal time come let her inner bird shine. (via + Co)

6. Dory native Finding Nemo: What a cute costume the Finding Nemo"s top ladyfish! (via + Co)

7. Actors of Real Housewives: placed on your ideal dress, popular music a bottle, and sharpen her claws because that this costume. Halloween simply wouldn"t be the very same without a fight in between feuding housewives. (via + Co)

8. Fruit Salad: grab a few of her friends and also decorate shirts to look like fruits, and you have actually yourself a DIY fruit salad. (via

9. Double Stuffed Oreos: What"s better than reflecting your love for her bae top top Halloween? Well, each of friend dressing up as one fifty percent of an Oreo, because that starters. (via + Co)

10. median Girls: Here"s a small Mean Girls inspo for Halloween, since a standard like this never gets old. (via + Co)

11. Kimmy Schmidt: take it a break from her Netflix binge and also get in touch v your Kimmy Schmidt side. Hashbrown no filter. (via + Co)

12. Ghostbusters: This is totally the year to absent a Ghostbusters costume! All-female cast? Represent! (via + Co)

13. Take care of Potter and also Hermione Granger: Looks favor a treacherous night in the Forbidden Forest! (via + Co)

14. Freckles Girls: though we"re all around bringing ago Sporty, Scary, Baby, Posh, and Ginger, go the clever route and simply dress up as your favorite spices. (via + Co)

15. Katniss: to re-create this look, you"ll require a major stance, leather jacket, T-shirt, dark pants (cargos would work, too), boots, a bow and arrow, eyes of fire and, that course, a mockingjay pin. (via + Co)

16. Group Sushi Costume: Yum! Why not grab a couple of friends and also dress up together your favorite roll? Sushi roll, that is. (via + Co)

Either you"re a couple or a dynamic duo, these costumes room for you

17. Operation Costume: Remember the old board video game you provided to love as a kid? This costume is the perfect way to bring back the childhood classic and is guaranteed to be the most fun of any costume around. (via + Co)

18. Doug and Patty Mayonnaise: This iconic cartoon duo is surprisingly basic to bring to life. (via + Co)

19. Minions: when in doubt, girlfriend can constantly turn to man movies because that a tiny inspo. (via + Co)

20. Inside Out: We"re feeling all type of emotions around this Pixar film-inspired group look. HBU? (Photo via + Co)

21. Chuckie native Rugrats: “Things never turn out prefer they carry out in the movies." (via + Co)

22. Kim Possible: She"s simply a regular high institution cheerleader that happens come fight villains in her spare time. Her format is easy to replicate utilizing items you deserve to actually reuse after Halloween. (via + Co)

23. Ariel indigenous The little Mermaid: “I wanna be wherein the people are." (via + Co)

24. Mary Poppins: This Halloween, why not throw it earlier and dress up choose the classic English nanny? (via + Co)

25. Resting Beauty: “They to speak if friend dream a thing an ext than once, it"s sure to come true." (via + Co)

26. Avocado Toast: Everyone loooooves that because, TBH, what"s no to love about avos and also bread? (via + Co)

27. Wonder Woman: Diana Prince does the all: She"s a peaceful diplomat and also a raging warrior. In the 2017 movie starring Gal Gadot, lock revamped her retro outfit right into a fiercely sexy yet strong ensemble that improves her within strength. (via + Co)

28. Retro Devil: acquire ready for some adversary meets *major* Sandy from Grease vibes. (via + Co)

29. The Cat"s Meow: Calling all cat ladies: We have the purrrfect Halloween costume because that you. Get in the OG cat costume, a look that"s beyond easy to throw with each other in a pinch. (via + Co)

30. Aladdin and Jasmine: “I can show you the world!" Or the Google Maps directions to the Halloween party. (via + Co)

31. Daenerys Targaryen: The silver-haired queen ~ above Game the Thrones continues onward, never ever veering indigenous her route toward glory together the leader of the seven kingdoms. Talk around making a #lifegoal and sticking come it. (via + Co)

32. La Croix Cans: No issue which odor of La Croix is her BAE, we can all agree that the sparkling water is life. (via + Co)

33. Rosie the Riveter: Here"s to our girlies on the prior lines, quiet rockin" out and #RESIST-ing! display your assistance for the feminist activity as this above lady boss. (via + Co)

34. Olympic Gymnast: go for the gold v this strong costume that has warm-up pants, due to the fact that let"s be genuine — it would be a tiny uncomfortable (and cold) come wear a leotard approximately all night. (via + Co)

35. Tinkerbell: constantly the sassy one, the Tink. (via + Co)

36. Dorothy from The wizard of Oz: To bring the costume to the next level, pair v accessories such as frilly white socks and also a basket to hold your flowers or dog. (via + Co)

37.Pokemon: The gang"s all here — let"s catch "em all. Pika pika! (via + Co)

38.Batgirl: Batgirl here, prepared to fight part crime. (via + Co)

39. Scarecrow: deserve to we get a ring of applause for overalls coming back into style in time because that Halloween? (via + Co)

40. Landmark Cities: You view London, you watch France, you see Lady Liberty"s underpants. (via + Co)

41. Eye White: She"s kind, friendly, patient, and stylish! and also even though eye really just goes for her lovely primary-colored dress, we thought it would certainly be the many fun to DIY her classic red, blue, and yellow ensemble. (via + Co)

42. Jellyfish: The mystical creatures the live in the ocean will forever win over our Halloween hearts. (via + Co)

43. Anna and Elsa native Frozen: Sisters who ice skate together, remain together. (via + Co)

44. Minnie and Mickey Mouse: Who"s the leader the the society that"s created you and also me? M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E! (via + Co)

45. Rey: This really is the perfect disguise for any kind of gal who has the desire come channel she inner warrior. (via + Co)

46. Sansa Stark: Winter is coming, and this red-headed Stark indigenous Game that Thrones is *not* messing around. (via + Co)

47. La La Land: This costume is v. Straightforward to placed together, and once you have it on, you"ll be ready to dance and also sing your method through Halloween. (via + Co)

48. Snapchat Filters: The trick? take a screenshot of you yourself in the makeup filter of your choice and then usage that as your makeup motivation photo. (via + Co)

49. French Girl: Oh French girls, friend are always so effortlessly chic. (via + Co)

50. Rainbow and also a Pot that Gold: You and your friend will certainly undoubtedly have actually a blast rocking these looks! (via + Co)

51. Cookie Monster: An all-time classic and the best possible outfit for the gal who wants to have an excuse come pretty lot wear a Snuggie every day. (via + Co)

52. Alvin and the Chipmunks: This team costume is cute, comfortable and, many importantly, school-appropriate. (via + Co)

What various other teen Halloween costume principles would you like to find out to make? Tell united state on Twitter or join our newsletter for more inspiration or explore our creative online classes.

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