Universal Studios Hollywood has added an ext mazes come its yearly Halloween horror Nights on pick nights from September 9 – October 31. In honor of The go Dead’s eleventh and also final season, they will certainly be bringing ago the walker-filled maze based upon the series.

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The go Dead attraction has been a long-term attraction at universal Studios Hollywood in the Year-Round Haunt Venue. It has been featured because the 2016 Halloween fear Nights event.

It was assumed that because the 2020 event was canceled and the collection was heading towards its end that The go Dead maze would not be featured because that 2021. Pan of the collection will it is in glad to recognize they will have one much more opportunity to enjoy this maze.

The walking Dead Halloween horror Nights


Lauren Cohan, Alanna Masterson, Seth Gilliam, Ross Marquand and Jordan Woods-Robinson join Greg Nicotero (Photo by Mariah Wild/Universal Orlando via Getty Images)

In 2017 lock tried an speculative scare wherein a horde come out in between some trucks. This to be a an extremely successful scare, however it was difficult to reorganize because that the next group, therefore it was scrapped.

The endure is fully immersive as you must fight for your survival as you navigate a civilization overrun through walkers. You must battle your method through the landscapes that bring The wade Dead series to life.

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Ticket prices are listed below and accessible at the Halloween fear Nights website. 

Ultimate are afraid Pass ($329) will permit guests to return for all 32 nights that Halloween horror Nights.Frequent fear Pass ($199) will enable up to 26 visits.R.I.P. Tourism ($299-$439) is designed because that groups and also includes a gourmet dinner, valet parking, trolley transport throughout the park through a tour guide, one-of-a-kind VIP experiences, and photo opportunities and unlimited global Express accessibility to every mazes and attractions.All various other tickets ($69-$319)

Additional featured experiences incorporate Netflix’s The Haunting the Hill House, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Exorcist, The leg of Frankenstein Lives, Halloween 4, The Curse that Pandora’s box and The ultimate Purge. 

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Be sure to inspect out this remarkable Walking Dead experience prior to it is gone.