Used generally in heavy-duty trucks since 2015, the aur is aN automatically tire inflation system for trucks and also trailers

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Aperia modern technologies Inc., a caterer of tire management technologies that enhance the safety and efficiency that commercial automobile tractors and trailers, designated Fontaine modification as a preferred installer that its Halo tire Inflator and Halo affix technology. Fontaine alteration will administer customers across North America through a finish automatic tires inflation mechanism to mitigate tire-related downtime and also improve fuel efficiency.

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“Fontaine modification has installed the Halo tire Inflator on hundreds of vehicles end the previous two years,” stated Josh Carter, CEO the Aperia Technologies. “This broadened agreement enables fleets to have actually our full product suite installed via Fontaine’s exceptional network.”

Used broadly in heavy-duty trucks since 2015, the aur is an automatically tire inflation device for trucks and also trailers the installs in minutes. Introduced in 2019, Halo affix is a proprietary connectivity communication that enables fleets come virtually get rid of unplanned tire-related downtime through pairing predictive alerts with active inflation. Since its inception, Halo has covered an ext than 20 exchange rate cumulative miles.

“As a company committed to fleet efficiency and also environmentally sustainable fleet management, we are pleased to assistance installation of Halo and Halo connect as the leading tire inflation services for tractors and also trailers in phibìc America,” stated Jamil Young, president, Fontaine modification Medium and also Heavy truck Operations Division.

Fontaine modification will sell Halo and also Halo connect installation at all 10 that its modification centers throughout the country. Change centers are situated by truck OEM production facilities, which enables Fontaine to install the gloriole systems before the trucks space shipped to the dealer.

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