G-Eazy make his first TV appearance because his separation with Halsey when he took the ‘Good Morning America’ phase to execute some that his access time – including his and also his ex’s duet ‘Him & I.’ Naturally, fans had a lot come say about the song choice.

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G-Eazy‘s recent performance has actually his pan feeling some things. The 29-year-old rapper perform in central Park on the morning the July 6 as part ofGood Morning America‘s 2018 Summer Concert Series. Fans were able to reap a bunch the the artist’s hits prefer “No Limit” and also “Me, Myself & I.” yet G-Eazy – genuine nameGerald Earl Gillum – made decision to nearby the show with a solo power of “Him & I” – aka, his duet v his now-exHalsey, 23.

The breakup, i beg your pardon Halsey announced via Instagram on July 3, is quiet pretty fresh. This was likewise G-Eazy’s an initial TV performance due to the fact that the break-up so pan weren’t sure if that would carry out the collaboration. As soon as he walk though, Twitter exploded v heartbroken reactions. Twitter user
NYCourtney_ wrote: “#GEAZYonGMA yes sir this is really making me sad because they’re broken UP,” if
lways_jess observed, “#GEAZYonGMA look at heart-broken.”

Halsey damaged the news of the couple’s separation on her Instagram story. “I usually keep this type of thing private but noted our publicly nature ns feel the need to educate my fans. G-Eazy and also I are taking part time apart,” she revealed in a statement. “I’m eager to proceed the upcoming passage of time dedicating myself to mine art and also my career, and also the duration of mine tour.

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Ns wish that the best. Thanks for respecting ours privacy at this time.” The pair had actually been dating due to the fact that the fall of 2017.

Watching geazy execute Him & i without Halsey is ache