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ET"s Keltie article spoke with the "Bad at Love" singer at the 2018 American Music Awards ~ above Tuesday, wherein she opened up about her cameo in the "poignant" film.

"I mean, i only had two lines," she said, blushing when Knight called her a "movie star" for her role in the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper starrer. "It was really crazy."

"A Star IsBorn is such a poignant film because that musicians to see. So numerous things and themes in the movie space so real for united state in our lives, and also it to be funny see it in the audience in ~ the theater," Halsey continued. "There were a lot of of civilization in the room who were like, "Oh, there"s Halsey," in ~ the start of the movie. And then ~ watching it, ns think they had actually a brand-new perspective on perhaps what mine life can be like, and it might be a little different than what castle think the is."

"Lady Gaga and also Bradley just absolutely eliminated it," she raved. "It was my favourite movie I"ve watched all year, for this reason I"m for this reason happy I acquired to it is in a component of it."

Halsey -- who stunned in a Redemption gown and also Rene Caovillaheels together she walked the red carpet v her boyfriend, G-Eazy -- is set to take it the phase to execute "Eastside" through Benny Blanco and also Khalid.

"Everyone"s coming v these huge productions, and they execute them therefore well. The dancers, the costumes, the flames, the production," she stated of other AMAs performers choose Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez and also Mariah Carey. "So i am acquisition an different approach, a little more stripped back, me and also Benny and also Khalid room going to display you guys how the record pertained to life. And it"s going to be yes, really intimate and really special."

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